Oct 16

Coastline badges - your next challenge! Over the past few months we received requests from Flytrex pilots for a new set of badges for those who dare to fly over water. The challenge and risk are obvious. It takes a single mistake and you're out. These new badges aren't for everyone, but those that love the thrill and excitement are invited to meet the challenge!

Developing this new algorithm introduced several challenges of its own that we had to tackle on the code side. Before heading out to unlock your first Coastline badge I'd like to briefly review the way our algorithms are designed and give you some highlights when planning your first Coastline mission.

  1. Accuracy - Our algorithm accuracy can fluctuate 10 meters or even a bit more. Calculating coastline can't be 100% precise due to tide changes that can easily span on 10 meters (or more) during different hours of the day. Keeping that in mind, to unlock the shortest Coastline badge you'll need to cross at least 200 feet flying above water, eliminating almost completely inaccuracies related to tide differences.
  2. Take off from land - You must start your mission from land. Ideally you'll start from shore, so you'll have as much battery juice flying above water. We do not limit landing point back on land.. but we highly recommend it! :)
  3. Max distance point needs to be above water - When reviewing your overall mission, the max-distance point from your takeoff point must be above water. If you fly back to the other side, above land, and cross more distance on land on your way back, our algorithm will ignore your flight above water. When targeting Coastline badges make sure your further-est point from take-off point is above water.
  4. The other coastline - In some cases, most likely when flying over lakes, as you fly further over it, you might actually be getting closer to the other side coastline (or one of the sides..). Your score is calculated as the max-distance on water from either side, so getting closer to the other side will mean lower scoring. Keep that in mind when planning your Coastline mission.

In addition to these points, our algorithm covers all oceans, seas and the great lakes. Some smaller lakes are also included but others are not. The map we use to calculate water sources constantly updates and we hope our algorithm will get more accurate in upcoming months.

Remember these badges aren't for everyone -- don't try this if you don't feel comfortable flying over water, and always fly safely! Cheers! :)

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