Dec 29

We're excited to introduce today the new Flytrex CAN-BUS adapter and expand our Flytrex Live 3G support to DJI's high-end flight controller, the A2.

Combined with the new CAN-BUS adapter, the Live 3G now offers 100% plug-n-play installation (no soldering whatsoever) and expanded real-time telemetry and logging capabilities.

In addition to the DJI A2, the new CAN-BUS adapter also supports the Naza 2 and Phantom 2 systems.

Flytrex CAN-BUS Adapter Highlights

  1. DJI A2 Support - Using the new CAN-BUS adapter, Flytrex Live 3G can now be installed on the DJI A2 flight controller.
  2. Plug-n-Play - Installation using the adapter is 100% plug-n-play, no soldering required. Making it simpler than ever to add Flytrex Live 3G to your aircraft and gets you started in less than 30 seconds.
  3. Extended Real-Time Telemetry and Logging - When used together with the new adapter, the Live 3G transmits and logs new parameters about your flight. New data will gradually be introduced to the Flytrex systems.
  4. Naza 2 and Phantom 2 Compatible - The new adapter can also be used with the Naza 2 and Phantom 2 systems. When used with the adapter pilots will enjoy the same CAN-BUS benefits - plug-n-play installation and extended logging. Naza 2 and Phantom 2 pilots who prefer to use the Live 3G with the basic installation cable can continue to do so.
  5. Expandable - The adapter includes its own CAN-BUS socket, allowing you to connect any other CAN-BUS supporting system in a row, integrating the Live 3G seamlessly with your existing systems.

What's Included

The Flytrex CAN-BUS adapter includes two components: The adapter itself, and an installation cable used to connect the Live 3G to the adapter.

The adapter dimensions are 2.6cm x 2cm and weighs 7 grams. The cable is approx 2 grams.

Simple Installation

Installation is super simple and incudes two cable connections. Visit our Flytrex and DJI A2 installation guide for the full details.

On the other side of the CAN-BUS adapter you'll find an extra CAN-BUS socket. You can connect any other CAN-BUS enable system to this socket, depending on your setup.

When installing using the CAN-BUS adapter, you do not need to use the black and red power wires. We recommend cutting the top part of the two wires (to avoid shorting them) and secure them to the aircraft frame using a tape. Tape each wire separately first to make sure their ends won't short.

New Live 3G Firmware Upgrade

Together with the new CAN-BUS adapter we're releasing today a new firmware upgrade for the Live 3G, firmware v16.

Firmware v16 includes several changes required for using the Live 3G with the new CAN-BUS adapter. Make sure to install the new firmware before you start using the new CAN-BUS adapter.

Visit your Account Live Settings and enter the Live Manage page to download the new firmware version and find installation instructions.

Pricing and Availability

Flytrex CAN-BUS adapter retails for $39.99.

Click here to order it today (Remove the Live 3G system if you wish to order only the adapter).

The CAN-BUS adapter includes everything you'll need for installation - the adapter itself and the cable used to connect the adapter and the Live 3G.

When installing the Live 3G with the CAN-BUS adapter, you don't need any other installation cable.

The adapter is available during pre-order period starting today. Shipping begins in two weeks and we will post shipping time updates in the event that we run out-of-stock.


We're very excited to welcome the DJI A2 controller to our Flytrex supported product line and providing new opportunities to professional pilots all around the world. Thank you to all for your patience and support.

Our team is tuned in on our Facebook page or you can email us at and we'll be glad to help with any questions that you may have.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Flytrex!

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