Oct 04

Today we've got some great announcements for our Flytrex Core 2 pilots! Introducing the very first firmware upgrade release for the Core 2, introduced in public beta level, new LED Reference guide and adding support for DIY Core installations with custom builds using uBlox GPS modules.

The Core is a long time best seller for us and today we're happy to release the very first firmware upgrade for it - adding some exciting and frequently requested features that will make it more fun and easy to use. Together with the new firmware upgrade we're also publishing firmware upgrade instructions for the Core for the very first time.

Although we've been testing and flying with this new firmware version for a while now, it is first released today as public beta - indicating that we'd love to hear your feedback about the new firmware version and how things are working for you. Although released as public beta, the new firmware version is absolutely safe for flying and won't damage your Core or any other hardware in any way. The only problems you might experience might be related to the logged file itself, if at all. Furthermore, as outlined in the new firmware upgrade instructions you can always downgrade your Core firmware to the previous firmware, so there is no risk at truing the new firmware.

All Core 2 devices are shipped with firmware v3 (v1 and v2 were used for the older Core 1 unit). As such, we're releasing today firmware v4.

What's new with Flytrex Core 2 firmware v4

  1. Mission file time stamps - Probably the most frequently requested feature request is the addition of time stamps to mission files. Starting with today's new firmware 4 Flytrex Core will automatically assign time stamps to mission files, helping you better identify and organize your mission files. Time stamps are all in UTC time zone. In the event that you did not obtain solid GPS reception during the entire length of the flight (3D Fix), no time stamp will be assign to the mission file, meaning the time stamp for the file will show as Jan 1st, 2000 - most chances this will almost never happen. When using the Naza flight controller the time stamp might be with 16 hours offset in some situations - unfortunately this is related to specific ambiguous data received from the Naza GPS that we can't resolve on the Core's level.
  2. uBlox GPS Support and DIY Installation - The new firmware adds support for uBlox GPS modules using UBX format. This opens the Core to pilots using custom builds with custom GPS setups and looking for the best logging solution for their flights. Installing the Core with custom builds will require some hacking, soldering and basic electronics knowledge. We will release full DIY details this upcoming week, including pin-out and exact supported GPS formats and baud rates.

To upgrade your Flytrex Core to the new firmware version please check the new Upgrade Instructions section in the Core User Manual and grab the new firmware from the new Flytrex Core Downloads page. You might also want to review the new Core LED Reference to learn how to identify the firmware currently loaded to the Core.

As always, we're here to help and we'd love to hear your feedback and experience with today's new firmware release. Please stop by our Facebook Page to post back with any questions or feedback.

Have a great weekend and keep on flyin'! :)

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