Oct 13

Although our new Flytrex Live 3G Plus was released a few weeks ago and already used daily by many Flytrex pilots, we've been running behind on our blog updates and did not fully explain the appreciable updates we made with our newest Plus model.

Since we we’ve found that we still get a lot of questions about the varieties between the two models, we decided upon a benchmark blog post to cover all of the new changes and features from the previous version that would be helpful for many customers - and those looking to get the new Live Plus.

To get us started, outlined below are some of the core Live Plus upgrades and improvements we made that makes for an overall faster and more robust device. If you still own the original Live 3G - don’t worry! Your device will not stop working, and will continue to provide great and safer flight experiences. In fact, the Live 3G is still in production and used to support specific aircraft models - we'll cover this more in details below.

Live 3G Live Plus
Basic processing power 10 x processor power, built-in CANBUS support
Requires CANBUS adaptor for systems using CANBUS protocol Includes built-in CANBUS capabilities, integrates seamlessly with CANBUS systems (DJI and other).
Includes two (red/black) power wires and additional data port Uses a single port for both data and power for cleaner and simpler installation
Requires power wire soldering for installation 100% plug & play installation, no soldering required
  1. Updated Processor.The Live 3G Plus has a new and stronger processor that is 10 times faster - This enables the Live Plus to work with the newer aircraft such as the Phantom 3, Inspire 1 and Solo. It also means the Live Plus have much better future compatibility with future aircraft systems since it can handle a much wider range of communication technologies than the previous Live 3G.

  2. Built in CANBUS. The Live 3G was only capable of handling Serial communication (slower protocol). The Live Plus includes built-in CANBUS processor and can handle both CANBUS and Serial data. Again, this makes the Live Plus much more versatile. From the user perspective, installing the Live Plus with CANBUS systems, such as the A2, Phantom 2/Vision/Vision+, Phantom 3, Inspire 1 and others, has just became much easier and cleaner since our older CANBUS adapter is no longer needed. Just a single wire connection and it is ready for use.

  3. Single Port for Data and Power. You'll notice the Live Plus no longer includes the two red/black power wires that were previously included on the Live 3G. As part of the hardware overhaul we now have both power and data going to the single port (that is the off-white 4-pin data connector cable).

  4. Better Quality Connector. We replaced the previous connector with a much better connector - you'll notice the higher quality of the new connector. This connector is much better designed for use on flying systems and handles vibration much better. It is also much easier to unplug it, so the connector won't break frequently, a problem we've seen with the previous model design. Due to the new connector design, although it is easier to unplug, it will never release by mistake during a flight since it needs to be "pressed" using your finger to have it released.

  5. Improved Firmware OTA Capabilities.The Live Plus brings back our OTA firmware upgrades in a much improved manner. It takes seconds to upgrade the firmware over the air and we definitely plan on introducing different features this way by pushing new firmware updates to users in upcoming weeks. Firmware upgrades are completely transparent for users.

  6. No Soldering Required. Installation with all of these systems does not require any soldering and no need for any external CANBUS adapter, so the installation is very clean and the overall price is lower compared to the previous Live 3G.

Flytrex Live 3GThe Live 3G Plus
Blade 350QX/1/2/3, Q500/Q500+, Phantom 1, Naza 1/Lite, Iris+*Inspire 1, Phantom 3 Pro/Adv, Phantom 2 / Vision / Vision+, DJI A2, DJI Wookang, DJI Naza N2, Solo

If you would like, below is a picture showing the differences between the original Live 3G and the new Live Plus.

When ordering the Live 3G or Live Plus from us, we have a sticker included on each cable that indicates if it is a cable for the Live 3G or Live Plus, so you don't have to worry about confusing the two.

*The Live 3G also still supports the other systems it supported before: Phantom 2/Vision/Vision+, A2 and WooKong, but since it requires the external CANBUS adapter, we recommend to go with the Live Plus for these systems now.

Pricing, Availability and Download Links

The Flytrex Live 3G is currently available for purchase for $189.

Order the Flytrex Live 3G Plus today

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The team is very excited about all of the changes, and we’d love to hear your feedback about the upcoming Flytrex Sky. As always, we're tuned in on our Facebook page or you can email us at support@flytrex.com and we will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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