Sep 05

The new Flytrex Live APN Programmer is now available for download!

Like all GSM powered devices, Flytrex Live requires APN details to connect to your mobile network. To keep things simple, the Live firmware includes an internal list that holds APN settings for most mobile carriers from around the world. Flytrex Live then automatically searchs the APN list and use the correct settings for your mobile network. This simplifies Flytrex Live initial setup and helps us keeps things simple.

With this technique we were able to get Flytrex Live to identify most mobile SIM cards automatically and connect to your mobile network without requiring any setup from your side. While this works in most cases, there are situations you'll want to have full control over the APN settings used by Flytrex Live. This includes all cases that Flytrex Live fails to connect to your mobile network and the LED remains purple.

Using the new Flytrex Live APN Programmer you can set the exact APN settings Flytrex Live will use. When custom APN is set, Flytrex Live will not use the internal APN list.

Users who wish to use the new tool can find instructions and download at the Flytrex Live APN Programmer support section.

Currently the APN Programmer is available only for Windows (sorry Mac guys!) and you'll need a micro USB cord to connect to your Flytrex Live - the same cord used by most modern electronic and mobile devices.

Over the past couple of weeks we've been getting many requests from pilots wishing to manually configure Flytrex Live APN settings. We really hope you'll find this helpful.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback - share it with us at our Facebook Page. Our team is doing its utmost to follow-up as quickly as possible.

Have a great weekend!

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