Sep 08

New Flytrex Live firmware v36 is now available for download! Today's new firmware adds a list of key updates designed to improve the Live data stream, eliminate truncated mission issues and improve LED status indicator during flight.

What's new in Firmware v36

  1. Protocol Optimization - New Flytrex Live communication protocol improvements implemented. Now using better data compression and updated algorithm that should help eliminate truncated missions data issues.
  2. In-Flight LED Updates - New color and flashing states added to the Live's LED to better indicate the status of the Lie data stream while flying. The LED will flash green when data stream is active and solid purple light when lost connection and attempting to reconnect.
  3. In-Flight Re-Connection Improved - Improved algorithm that handles automatic network re-connection while flying.
  4. APM/Blade Missing Speed Fixed - Missing flight speed data when using Flytrex Live with APM or Blade 350 QX quadcopter fixed.

Flytrex Live supports over-the-air firmware updates. See here for details how to quickly install the new firmware.

That's it for today. Our team continues working around the clock on more improvements and new features and we hope to have more updates coming very soon.

We'd love to hear your experience after upgrading to the new firmware at our Facebook page.

Have a great day and safe flying! :-)

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