Sep 29

Today we're excited to release two updates for our Flytrex Live pilots. Starting with a new important update for our Live Programmer app, adding the long awaited Mission Uploader tool that let's you automatically sync the Live's internal memory with your Flytrex Profile, plus, new Live firmware update to version 41.

What's new in Firmware v41

  1. Blade Fixes - Connectivity problems when using the Live with the Blade 350 QX and missing speed value are both fixed.
  2. Mission Uploader Compatibility - Adding full compatibility with the new Mission Uploader tool (more on the new Uploader tool below). To use the new Uploader tool you should first upgrade your Live to the new firmware.
  3. Logging - We've added internal logging that will help us understand and fix issues with the Live remotely. Our Live Programmer tool also includes a Log Export tool that can be used to extract the internal log details and send it to us.

Flytrex Live supports over-the-air firmware updates. See here details how to quickly install the new firmware.

Mission Uploader

Together with today's new firmware release we're also releasing a new update to our Live Programmer app, introducing the new Mission Uploader tool. Using this new tool pilots can now perform automatic sync between flight missions data stored in the Flytrex Live internal memory and their Flytrex Account, so any flight mission data that didn't get logged at full will be re-synced and updated. Please visit the Live Programmer page to download the new version and further instructions.

Our team have been testing heavily the new Mission Uploader tool for the past couple of weeks, but due to the complexity of the re-sync process we do believe there might be a few glitches that we missed. We would love to hear your feedback after using it and we'll make sure to get any bugs sorted quickly. None of the potential bugs can harm your Flytrex Account or Live hardware in any way, so you can use the new tool safely.

That's it for today's new updates. Please stop by at our Facebook page and share your experience with the new Mission Uploader and firmware with us - we'd love the feedback!

Have a great new week guys and fly safely!

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