Aug 06

Today we're excited to announce the release of our new Flytrex Messenger app for Android! Using the new Flytrex Messenger app users can use their new Flytrex Sky drone to perform short-range deliveries of small parcels to friends & family.

A few weeks ago we announced our new Flytrex Sky drone and released this Sky promo video, demonstrating the Sky delivery capabilities and vision. Since its release we’ve been getting plenty of questions from users asking about the delivery process and how it actually works.

With this post I will give an in-depth review how the new Flytrex Messenger app enables straightforward, short-range, deliveries together with our Sky drone and also give a few first details about our Environmental Awareness technology that will help making drone delivery safer and easier.

Flytrex Messenger

Flytrex Messenger app is the world’s first real-life messenger app, yet it keeps the simplicity and user experience of traditional online IMs.

  1. Starting a New Delivery - To get started, select a contact from which you wish to request a delivery. This can be a near-by friend that has a Sky drone with him. Once selected, you’ll mark your desired landing spot for the Sky and optionally add a small note to your friend to describe the desired delivery (e.g. send me my car keys).

    Upon confirmation, your friend will receive a new delivery request with an overview of the delivery (estimated flight time, distance and your personal note). Your friend will be asked to set up the delivery and power up the Sky when ready. Once your friend confirms that your delivery is ready to takeoff, you will receive final time-limited confirmation and will have 2 minutes to confirm delivery. This step is required to verify you are still available to receive delivery.

  2. The Delivery - With your confirmation, the Sky will automatically take off and fly towards the desired landing location you marked, carrying your delivery. During flight, both you and your friend can review the Sky status and telemetry at all time.

    As the Sky approaches, you will receive two notifications. The first when the Sky is nearing, asking you to head out and prepare to accept delivery. The second when the Sky have reached its destination and hovering in the sky, requesting you to approve landing within 30 seconds. If you fail to approve landing/decline delivery the Sky will return home and delivery will be canceled.

  3. Accepting Delivery and Landing - Once you approve landing the Sky will start safe descend and the Flytrex Sky servers will switch flight permissions to you, allowing you to control and fine-tune the landing using the Messenger app. This way, you can bring the Sky to safe landing and avoid any possible obstacles during landing. The Sky will then automatically shut down engines so you can safely take the delivery from the Sky.

  4. Sky Flight Permissions - The Sky delivery concept relies on the understanding that both sides trust each other and agree to move the Sky between them. This is not a delivery solution for businesses.

    To allow the receiving party to send the Sky back to its original sender we’re introducing new Flight Permissions concept that enable others to start new deliveries with the same Sky system. Currently a first delivery-permission is available (so the receiving party won’t be able to fly the Sky using the free-style flying Pilot app), but more permissions will soon be introduced.

    Upon successful delivery, the sender automatically grants the receiving party delivery-permissions, such that will allow the receiving party to send the Sky back to the sender (either after charging the battery, or right away if possible), or even send it to a 3rd person.

    With each new delivery to a new friend new flight permissions are added for the same Sky drone. Only the Sky owner can manage permissions to its Sky and can easily remove/grant flight permissions for his Sky via his Flytrex Account on our site.

Flytrex Sky and Live Control

To create this simple delivery experience we developed our new Sky Cloud servers that communicate with all Sky drones using the Sky’s build-in 3G link and manage the delivery process.

To control the Sky drone over 3G link the Sky is equipped with our new Flytrex Control system. The Control is a newer version of our Live system designed especially for the Sky that enables two-way communication and enables both tracking and control of the Sky over 3G link.

Environmental Awareness and Safe Flying

One of the cool features our servers and the Messenger app offers is environmental awareness. Before taking off a new delivery flight our servers will automatically scan your flight path terrain elevation and potential obstacles and will recommend new flight altitude, if needed, to ensure safe flying towards the target.

Currently our algorithms mostly scan for terrain elevation changes across your flight path, but we do hope to offer solutions for other items such as man-made objects, buildings, antennas and trees.

Fly Safely

Flytrex Sky is the first drone that offers an easy way to deliver items between friends. The technology is only at its early stages and regulations vary between different places around the world. When using the Sky delivery feature with our new Messenger app please use it wisely and safely and with accordance to local regulations.

The Sky also offers many other features for fun-flying and RC control, and is not limited to deliveries alone.

Pricing, Availability and Download Links

Flytrex Sky drone is currently available in pre-order for $549. Our first batch of Sky systems is already sold-out and new orders will be shipped in mid-end of September. After pre-order period the Sky price will be updated to $649.

Order Flytrex Sky today

Read more about Flytrex Sky

The new Flytrex Messenger app is available as of today from the Google Play for free.

Download Flytrex Messenger app from Google Play for free


The new Flytrex Messenger and the technology behind it marks a new milestone in our path to make consumer drones more than just flying cameras. Our team is very excited about the new possibilities the Sky and Messenger brings and looking forward to seeing the feedback we get about the new system from the drone-enthusiasts community.

We're tuned in on our Facebook page or you can email us at and we'll be glad to help with any questions you may have.

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