Oct 10

It was only a few months ago that we introduced our newest product, the Flytrex Sky Drone - the world’s first internet connected drone, also capable of delivering items and operate over the cloud, complete with our new Pilot and Messenger apps. For those not familiar with the Flytrex Sky, be sure to watch our promo video, demonstrating the Sky delivery capabilities and vision.

Over the past couple of months our team have been working hard getting the Sky ready to ship to customers and we’ve implemented many improvements to the Sky setup that makes it much more robust and powerful product in many ways. We believe that these changes make for an even better drone, and an overall user experience, that we’re excited to share with you!

So, what has changed?

We have made many changes to both the Flytrex Sky, as well as production factors, in order to ensure the best possible drone is released.

  1. Flight Controller. Our original Sky design was based on the APM flight controller. After further testing, especially as we moved to longer range flights, we weren’t very pleased with the controller’s performance and stability and decided we must upgrade the flight controller to a newer and better system.

    As a result, we’ve decided to upgrade to the newer and more expensive Pixhawk flight controller, which uses much newer and faster sensors and delivers way better flight experience. Since the Sky offers 3G control, several firmware changes were also required following this change, but we got everything working smoothly and we’re now extremely happy with the flight experience and stability that we managed to achieve using the new Pixhawk controller!

  2. Propulsion System. We have upgraded from the basic propulsion system we were planning on using originally, the T-Motor Airgear 350, to the newer, more efficient, and reliable DJI E305 propulsion system. This have led to a 6% increase in our flight distance record (nearly 15 mile 3G controlled delivery mission) and longer hover times.

    As a small bonus, in switching to a better propulsion system, we agreed with DJI to brand the Sky propulsion system with the Flytrex Sky logos, so the engines and ESCs will be branded specifically for the Sky and using a custom ESC firmware designed especially for the Sky needs.

  3. GPS. In keeping with the latest technology, we’ve upgraded our GPS to the latest NEO-M8N module that includes GLONASS support. This ensures that there are more satellites available, enabling more accurate and faster position fix than with older GPS modules.

    In addition, we’ve redesigned the GPS mount and placement for improved accuracy. We just received the new CNC poles design for the first Sky drones to be ship and they fit our design perfectly!

  4. Production. Following the Sky release and attention it got, we were looking for the best way to provide exemplary product and support. In doing so, we have made the big leap and moved the bulk of our production for new units to Hong Kong, to secure better shipping facilities and faster output - all while maintaining the same excellent quality.

    This change was both challenging and time consuming and we’re currently in the final stages of getting everything setup, but we’ve confident this was a necessary step that will help us improve and grow as we continue to move forward.

  5. Batteries. After testing numerous battery options we've signed with Gensace to supply the batteries for the Sky. Gensace are more expensive than the other options, but also proved to be the highest quality battery with maximum supply for minimum weight.

    As originally announced, Flytrex Sky will be supplied with a 4S 4200mAh battery (tested for 24 minutes hover time). For our longer range tests we've been using a 4S 8000mAh 8C yielding 35 minutes of hover time and *nearly* 15 mile of flight distance (without payload). We plan to offer the larger battery as optional add-on in the next few weeks.

Pricing, Availability and Download Links

The Flytrex Sky drone is currently available in pre-order for $549. Our first batch of Sky systems is already sold-out and new orders will be shipped towards December. After the pre-order period the Sky price will be updated to $689.

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The team is very excited about all of the changes, and we’d love to hear your feedback about the upcoming Flytrex Sky. As always, we're tuned in on our Facebook page or you can email us at support@flytrex.com and we will be happy to help with any questions you may have.

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