Jul 09

After an intense year of development and many long nights we’re excited to introduce today Flytrex Live! Flytrex Live is the world's first black box designed especially for multirotors that creates live flight telemetry connection whenever you take off and for the duration of your flight.

Flytrex Live is more than just an ordinary tracker and brings 3 main features into one solution.

  1. Flight Tracker - Advanced Last Seen tool not only lets you find lost aircraft, but helps you analyze flight characteristics and identify possible problems.
  2. Real Time Flight Telemetry - See flight data with Google Maps display in real time with your personal Flight Channel, share real-time flight with other pilots and more.
  3. Logbook and Social - Flights are automatically logged in personal Flytrex profile. Analyze flights, personal records, complete challenges, compete with pilots worldwide and more.

Flytrex Live advanced technology puts it leaps and bounds ahead of other alternatives, making it the smallest and smartest black box solution for multirotors out there!

For starters, let's take a look at some Flytrex Live highlights:

  1. GSM Powered - Flytrex Live uses standalone GSM data connection that transmits your flight telemetry automatically to your personal Flytrex Profile whenever you takeoff and for the duration of your flight.
  2. Auto Flight Logger - Similar to the Core, Flytrex Live brings powerful flight logging capabilities. All of your flight details are logged and stored in your personal Flytrex Profile. With Flytrex Live, logging is done automatically and you no longer need to copy mission files after flying. All of your flight missions are automatically transmitted to your Flytrex Profile and will show almost instantly after landing.

    In addition to GPS location, speed, altitude and temperature, Flytrex Live adds voltage logging that helps you analyze battery performance during your flights.
  3. Live Tracker, Last Seen - Unlike other trackers that rely on challenge-response operation, Flytrex Live maintains a live data connection that guarantees you'll always know where your multirotor was last seen, making sure you'll never lose your multirotor again. Should your aircraft go MIA, visit the new Last Seen tool in your Flytrex Profile to see where your multirotor was last spotted.
  4. Live Flight Channel - Share your flight in real time with your personal Live Flight Channel. Your Live Flight Channel let's you broadcast your flight telemetry, stats, and Google Maps flight path as-you-fly. Link to your channel, share your Flight Channel with other Flytrex pilots, or allow Flytrex to automatically post to your Facebook timeline as soon as you takeoff!
  5. Lightweight & Robust - Flytrex Live was designed to be the smallest, most lightweight and robust black box solution for multirotors. Flytrex Live weighs only 34 grams and measures 4.5 x 4.8 cm.


We love keeping things simple, so we worked hard to keep installation super simple. To install Flytrex Live all you need to do is hook up the dedicated installation cable, much like the Core, and solder the two voltage wires to your multirotor main distribution board. Check out Flytrex Live user manual for detailed installation instructions.

Before you can start using Flytrex Live you'll need a micro SIM with data plan for a 2G GPRS network. Flytrex Live uses advanced data protocol so that data consumption is kept very low, even for those of you who fly often. For example, flying approximately 10 hours a week won’t exceed 0.2gb/month data, and probably even a bit less.

During our testing we used SIM cards in several countries and networks. You can find our experience at the Flytrex Live user manual. We’d love to hear about your experience and share it back with the Flytrex community.

Supported Platforms

Flytrex Live is designed for use with all versions of DJI Naza-M family, Phantom family, Blade 350 QX and APM 2.5/2.6 flight controllers. When ordering Flytrex Live you'll also need to order the correct installation cable to match your aircraft.

IMPORTANT NOTE – although Flytrex Live installation cables look similar to the Flytrex Core installation cables, they are actually different. Using the Core installation cable with Flytrex Live can damage your Flytrex Live device, so please make sure you're using the correct cable when mounting Flytrex Live to your aircraft.

Pricing and Availability

Flytrex Live retails for $189.99 and $8.99 for the installation cable. No service fee required.

Click here to order Flytrex Live today.


After nearly a year of development, design, testing and manufacturing we’re very excited to introduce today Flytrex Live, and hope you'll love it as much as we do!

Our team continues to work around the clock on lots of exciting new features for the new Flytrex Live, our Flytrex Core and the Flytrex.com site. We constantly seek new ways to innovate and really hope you’ll love the great stuff we have coming!

As a first taste, in the next couple of weeks we will introduce the new Flytrex app for iOS and Android with some awesome new features, which will be available for free download.

As always, we’d love to hear from you and invite you to post your thoughts and feedback at our Facebook page. Our team is tuned for your feedback and is here to help.

Have a great new day! :)

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