Apr 17

Greetings and welcome to the Flytrex blog! As we continue to grow and get ready to introduce a host of exciting new features to the Flytrex community, we decided it's time we create an online space where we can post our latest news, stories and updates. And that's exactly what our new blog is all about.

Of course, this new platform doesn’t mean that we’ll be giving up our regular announcements via our Facebook page. Rather, the Flytrex Blog is meant to complement our Facebook page, relaying all the details and in-depth explanations that we can’t always fit into a single Facebook status. Additionally, as of right now our blog is sans discussion section, so we’re opting to redirect comments and discussion to our Facebook page.

Special thanks to all the awesome Flytrex pilots that are helping us building this awesome community. We invite you all to stay tuned for more exciting news and posts to come. :)

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