Become an Affiliate.

Spread the word and earn cash.

Calling all hobbyists in the FPV or Multirotor world - join Flytrex Affiliate Program and start earning commission today!

The Flytrex Affiliate Program is designed for anyone with a blog, website or news site in the FPV or multirotor world who are enthusiastic with the Flytrex technology as we are. Flytrex Affiliate Program is an easy way to cash in by making up to 20% commission from each sale.

We greatly appreciate our partners and want to make sure our affiliates enjoys great success working with us. Check out the terms below outlining what we think is a stellar affiliate program:

  • Earn up to 20% commissions from each sale generated by your affiliate ID
  • Simple yet powerful linking tools directing traffic to any page on
  • Unique Affiliate ID which captures the customer from the beginning, so even if he/she makes a purchase at a later date, credit is still given and commission is paid
  • Monthly payments via PayPal
  • Detailed monthly and real-time sales reports

Want to become a Flytrex affiliate? Email us at with a snippet of information about yourself. In order to apply, we require that you have a website or blog URL (or if you are a developer, provide link to your iOS or Android app). Once you are a registered Flytrex affiliate, you will receive a unique link referring users to Flytrex products. If you are looking for something a bit more specific and/or personalized, please shoot us an email and tell us a little about what you are trying to accomplish, who knows, maybe we can help!

Just a Few FAQ

Does it cost me anything to become a Flytrex affiliate?

Nope. It is absolutely free to join the Flytrex affiliate program. There is no charge to apply and no minimum sales requirement.

Can I promote Flytrex products on more than one site?

Yes, of course. As a Flytrex affiliate, you can promote Flytrex products on all of your relevant FPV/multirotor/quadcopter sites. You can also place affiliate links on your social media profiles, however you cannot use your social media profile to apply to the affiliate program. The more content you share, the more qualified visitors you’re likely to send us, which should translate into higher conversion rates, a.k.a more sales and commissions.

Can I buy a Flytrex product using my own affiliate link?

Nope. Flytrex does not allow you to purchase items through your own affiliate links.

I earned a commission selling Flytrex products, when and how will I be paid?

First off, great work! We really appreciate any and all efforts by our affiliates in promoting and selling Flytrex products. All commissions made by our affiliates are paid out on the 10th of each month via PayPal, however there is a minimum payment threshold of $100. You will earn commission on sales less any local taxes imposed, such as sales tax, VAT or PayPal fee.