Mark The Droner Quadcopter Mission
feb. 20, 2020, 12:47:55 AM EST, 318 Georgia Ave, Brookeville, MD 20833, USA
  • Max Altitude
  • 525
  • feet
  • Max Ascent
  • 171
  • feet
  • Max Speed
  • 21.68
  • mph
  • Avg Speed
  • 5.06
  • mph
  • Max Distance
  • 17
  • feet
  • Travel
  • 994
  • feet
  • Duration
  • 02:14
  • mins
Badge Unlocked - Diver 100
Congrats! With this mission you unlocked Diver 100 badge after successfully decended 100 feet (30 meter)

This was an aborted flight as there were a lot of problems with the compass. I flew maybe 200 feet out but I was in ATTI because of lack of satellites. It was hard to control in the wind. The flytrex log stopped and started at least once, maybe twice for some reason - probably due to GPS going in and out.

Posted 2020-02-21

I ended up with two logs but only the second one was readable by the flytrex site, so it thinks I launched from overhead. So I got a Diver badge when I landed haha.

Posted 2020-02-24

I got a Flytrex Core 2 and can't upload any mission. Every time I try to do it I see Upload mission error. Did you have any issues with uploading missions? Or what did I do wrong?
Thank you.

Posted 2020-03-05