Blade 350 QX Installation

What You Need

To get started you will need your Blade 350 QX quadcopter, your Flytrex Core and the Flytrex Blade 350 QX Cable. Make sure you order the Flytrex Blade 350 QX Cable when ordering your Flytrex if you plan to mount it on the Blade 350 QX quadcopter. You will find an option to add it when ordering your Flytrex.

Open Your Blade 350 QX

Carefully open the Blade 350 QX shell. To do so, release the 32 screws marked in blue arrows in the image below. In addition, release the single screw holding the landing-skid without the gray compass cable, marked in green arrow. Do not remove the landing-skid just yet. Flip your Blade and carefully remove the top shell.

Release Your GPS Mount

Release the GPS and battery mount frame simply by lifting it gently from its placement. Make sure your Battery is not connected while doing so.

Disconnect GPS from Main Board

Disconnect the 6-wire colored cable going from your GPS mount to the Blade 350 QX main board. You can gently release it using your fingers or small pliers. Do not pull the cable itself to release, instead pull the white connector itself.

Connect Flytrex Cable to Main Board

Your Flytrex Blade 350 QX cable includes 3 connectors, only one is identical to the connector we just released from the Blade main board. Connect this identical connector to the Blade main board to the same slot, replacing the GPS cable we just disconnected from this same slot.

Connect GPS to Flytrex Blade Cable

Go back to the GPS cable we disconnected and connect it to the Flytrex Blade Cable female socket. The Flytrex Blade Cable includes only one female socket.

Flytrex Blade Cable Route

Remove the landing skid we released earlier and route the longer free side of the Flytrex Blade Cable through the hole in the center of the landing skid. Notice the direction of the connector when wiring through the landing-skid hole, it will only go through in one direction.

Reattach Landing Skid

Wire the longer side of the cable through the landing skid and reattach the landing skid back to the Blade 350 QX shell. Notice the cable only goes through the landing skid in one direction so check connector direction if it doesn't go through.

Close Top Shell

Re-position the Blade battery and GPS mount back its original place and neatly route the Flytrex Blade Cable around it, per the route marked in green arrows in the image below. Once done, place the top shell back on, carefully making sure no cables are interfering it to close and place back all screws we released earlier.

Mount Flytrex Core

Mount Flytrex Core at the bottom of your Blade 350 QX using two-sided Scotch tape or similar. We suggest mounting it at the bottom, but you can try different mounting options as well, depending on your own setup. Since Flytrex includes sensors that are sensitive to direct sunlight we suggest mounting it at the bottom part and not at the top of the Blade, although it will still work well.

Its All Set

That's it! Before flying remember to place a microSD inside your Flytrex and you're ready to go. We'd love to see your flights and feedback - have fun and fly safely!

Additional Resources

Looking for more information? Check out the Flytrex for Blade 350 QX Unboxing and Installation video by BlueFlyerTV for installation guide and tips.