Flytrex Core 1 User Manual

Flytrex Core and the Flytrex Service

Flytrex Core is the world's first multi-rotor black-box that records your flight parameters with each of your flights.

Combined with the complimentary Flytrex service on our site:, pilots can log and manage each of their flight details, analyze their piloting skills and improvement over time, track personal records, earn badges for different achievements, find other nearby pilots, manage multi-rotor fleet and much more.

Flytrex is designed for newbie and proficient multi-rotor enthusiasts flying LOS and FPV.

What's Included

Flytrex Core
The main Flytrex Core board.
Dimensions: 52 x 22 mm
Weight: 10 gram
4-Pin Cable
Installation cable. Connects between Flytrex Core and DJI flight controller GPS slot.
Length: 22 cm
Weight: 5 gram
Optional - Flytrex Phantom Cable
Installation cable designed for Phantom quadcopter. Required only when installing Flytrex on Phantom.
Length: 30 cm
Weight: 5 gram

What's Required

Flytrex Core requires the DJI flight controller and the DJI GPS component. Flytrex Core supports the following DJI flight controllers: Naza-M v1, Naza-M v2, Naza-M Lite and the Phantom Quadcopter.

30 Seconds Installation

We love simple things, so we worked hard to design the simplest installation possible. Flytrex Core installation connects seamlessly with your flight system, no soldering is required, just plug&play.

  1. Disconnect your GPS from your Naza flight controller.
  2. Connect the GPS to the Flytrex Core board. The GPS can be connected to any of the two slots on the Flytrex Core, it doesn't matter which one.
  3. Connect the 4-Pin Cable to the remaining free slot on your Flytrex Core on one side and to the GPS slot on your Naza flight controller on the other side.

Installation Using Phantom Cable

Due to the unique shell structure of the Phantom Quadcopter, installing Flytrex in a Phantom using the default 4-Pin Cable is impossible. To solve this, we designed the special Phantom Cable that allows easy installation and mounting of Flytrex in a Phantom Quadcopter.

  1. Carefully open your Phantom shell. This is outside the scope of this manual, but there are plenty of online videos showing how this should be done.
  2. Disconnect your GPS from your Naza flight controller.
  3. Connect the GPS to the Flytrex Phantom Cable female socket - the only one available in the cable.
  4. Connect the male socket on the same side of the cable to your Naza flight controller GPS slot.
  5. Connect the other side of the Phantom Cable to one of the Flytrex Core slots. It doesn't matter which one. The other slot should remain empty.

Flytrex Core Micro SD

Flytrex Core records your flight details to a micro SD (card not provided with package). You can use any micro SD between 1GB to 32GB formatted with 16FAT or 32FAT - so most micro SD cards will work right from the box. 1GB gives you approx 40,000 minutes of flight recording.

Using Flytrex Core and Service

  1. Install and mount Flytrex Core as described above. Insert a micro SD card.
  2. Fly safely and have fun! Just like you normally do.
  3. Head back home, remove the micro SD from Flytrex Core and connect it to your PC or Mac. You'll see that new "FPV" mission files were created for each of your flights in the micro SD root directory.
  4. Login to your account at and use the Upload Mission button to upload each of your FPV mission files.

After uploading, Flytrex then analyzes each of your flight files and creates new mission page for each mission you upload, letting you analyze your flight achievements, identify nearby pilots flying in your area and much more! Service

We've created Flytrex while trying to share the awesomeness of multi-rotor with our friends, find better ways to track our skills and measure our improvement. Covering the awesomeness of the service is beyond the scope of this manual. However, to give you a taste, here are just some of the cool features you'll find with your Flytrex account:

  1. Missions Manager and Analyzer - Each mission you upload is stored and gets a dedicate web-page with full flight details that lets you share the fun and experience with the world! Including flight map, stats for speed, distance, altitude, ascent, time and more, newly earned badges, your aircraft details, user comments, social share buttons and more.
  2. Badges - Unlock badges as you upload new missions and reach new achievements. Different badges are available for different achievement categories, including distance, altitude, ascent, speed, traveling the world, diving and more. We keep adding awesome new badges and missions all the time and we'd love to get your ideas!
  3. Personal Records - Flytrex tracks each of your missions and stores your personal records at all times. Challenge yourself with each flight and try to improve your personal records.
  4. Aircraft Management - Manage multiple multi-rotor aircraft, assign gear parts to each aircraft, see stats for each aircraft, assign images and more. To get stats recorded for each aircraft you'd need a separate Flytrex Core installed on each aircraft, or, move the Flytrex Core between your different multi-rotors. Multiple Flytrex Core can be used and managed with a single account on our site.
  5. Explore and Search - Explore missions by other Flytrex members, find and search other pilots flying nearby and connect with them, comment and like other's awesome missions and achievements.

You'll find many more great features with Flytrex. Creating an account is free but only Flytrex Core owners can upload missions.

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