DJI Naza 2 & PMU Installation

What You Need

This short guide describes Flytrex installation for users using Naza v2 and PMU. Currently you have the Naza v2, PMU, GPS and Led parts connected together. Additionally, you'll need the Flytrex Core and the Flytrex Cable that comes with it in the same package.

Disconnect GPS from PMU

Disconnect the GPS cable from the PMU GPS slot.

Connect Flytrex Cable to Naza

Connect the Flytrex cable to one of the Flytrex Core slots and the other side to the PMU GPS slot. You can connect the cable to any of the two Flytrex Core slots.

Connect GPS to Flytrex Cable

Connect the GPS cable to the remaining empty Flytrex Core slot. That's it! Before flying place a microSD inside your Flytrex and you're ready to go. We'd love to see your flights and feedback - have fun and fly safely!