DJI Phantom 2 Vision Installation

What You Need

To get started you will need your Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter, your Flytrex Core and the Flytrex Phantom Cable. Make sure you order the Flytrex Phantom Cable when ordering your Flytrex if you plan to mount it on a Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter. You will find an option to add it when ordering your Flytrex.

Open Your Phantom

Carefully open your Phantom shell. If this is the first time you open your Phantom Vision, check out this video for detailed instructions.

Open Your Phantom

Once opened, disconnect the GPS cable from the Phantom Main Board. This is the short colored wire going from the upper shell to the Phantom Main Board on the bottom part.

Connect Flytrex Cable to Phantom Main Board

The Flytrex Phantom Cable is a special Y shaped cable with 3 connectors. One of the cable sides includes two connectors: male and female. Connect the male connector on this side of the cable to the connector on the Main Board, instead of the GPS we disconnected earlier.

Connect GPS to Flytrex Cable

Now connect the GPS cable we initially disconnected from the Phantom Main Board to the female connector in the Flytrex Phantom Cable on the same side of the cable.

At this stage, the Flytrex Phantom Cable should be connected to your Phantom Main Board and the Phantom GPS cable is connected to the Flytrex Phantom Cable female slot. The single long side of the Flytrex Phantom Cable is not connected yet.

Flytrex Cable Wiring

Create a small hole on the side of the Phantom bottom shell, this can be very little hole that we will use to route the Flytrex Phantom Cable through.

Take the longer end of the Flytrex Phantom Cable and pass it through the small hole we just created. Once placed, carefully place the upper shell back on top and close the Phantom to its original state. To prevent the Flytrex Phantom Cable from moving, we recommend placing a bit of tape on the cable in the section that goes through the hole we just created, so that the top and bottom shell parts will press the cable a bit and prevent it from moving.

Connect Flytrex Core

Now that we've got the cable connected in the inside and wired to the outer part, connect Flytrex Core to the remaining cable slot at the outside of the Phantom. You can connect the cable to either slot of the two available in Flytrex Core. The remaining slot should remain empty.

Mount Flytrex Core

Mount Flytrex Core behind the Phantom 2 Vision camera using a two-sided Scotch tape or similar. We recommend mounting it behind the camera, but you can try different mounting options as well, depending on your own setup. Since Flytrex includes sensors that are sensitive to direct sunlight we suggest mounting it to the sides or facing down and not at the top of the Phantom, although it will still work well.

Its All Set

That's it! Before flying remember to place a microSD inside your Flytrex and you're ready to go. We'd love to see your flights and feedback - have fun and fly safely!