Flytrex Core 2
Flytrex Core 2 Downloads

Use this page to download Flytrex Core 2 firmware versions and read about the different features and fixes introduced with each firmware version. See here for details how to update your Flytrex Core firmware. Notice when copying the firmware file to your microSD you first need to extract the file from the ZIP you download and that the file must be names "ft.bin", all lower-case, otherwise the firmware upgrade won't take place.

Flytrex Core 2 Firmware v4 (Official Release) - 20141004
  1. DIY Support - Added support for all uBlox GPS baud rates using UBX format. Review our DIY Pin Out instructions to use Flytrex Core 2 as your custom multirotor logger.
  2. Mission File Timestamps - Mission files now includes the time and date when the mission took place. All time stamp are in UTC time zone. If no solid GPS reception is obtained during the length of the flight the mission file will use the default time stamp (Jan 1, 2000). Mission time stamp when flying with Naza flight controller might be off by 16 hours in some specific cases.
  3. uBlox GPS Support - In addition to the existing Naza, Blade 350 QX and APM 2.6 support, added support for all custom builds using uBlox GPS with UBX format, supporting all uBlox support baud rates. Find more at the Flytrex Core DIY page.
Flytrex Core 2 Firmware v3 - 20140422
  1. Internal Memory Support - Added support for new Flytrex Core 2 internal memory recording and backup feature. See more details about the user of the internal memory backup feature at the user manual.
  2. APM Support - Added logging support for APM flight controllers using APM 2.6. Now supporting Naza, Blade 350 QX and APM 2.6 flight controllers.

The downloads listed in this page are designed for use with the Flytrex Core 2 only.