Flytrex Core 2
Flytrex Core LED Reference

Flytrex Core includes a small green LED that provides indication about the status of your Core at any given time. This document includes and overview of the Core LED flashing that will help you better understand the status of your Flytrex Core at any given time.

1. Default Initialization Sequence

  1. Firmware version number - When powering the Core it will start by a single short flash, then several longer flashes and another short flash right afterwards. The number of long flashes between the two short flashes indicates the current firmware version you are using. For example, you might see 3 long flashes, indicating you are current running firmware v3.
  2. Internal memory allocation - After the version number sequence in the first step, the LED will start flashing very quickly. During this stage the Core allocates new memory buffer in the internal memory that it will use to store the upcoming flight. This process usually takes between 5 to 10 seconds. It might take up to 30 seconds when activating the Core for the very first time. Since these very quick flashes come right after the version number flashing, you might not see the closing short flash that comes at the end of the version number flashing sequence.
  3. Data stream syncing - The LED will now start a sequence of 3 short flashes, followed by a slightly longer pause and than again 3 short flashes. This stage can repeat multiple times or flash only once. During this stage the Core scans the incoming data protocol and will try to sync with the incoming protocol before recording starts.
  4. Recording with SD - If SD card was located and all works properly the Core will start recording incoming data. The LED will flash a single long flash repeat idly during the entire length of the flight.
  5. Recording without SD - If no SD was found or the Core failed to write to the existing SD the LED will flash two short flashes with a long pause repeatedly. Indicating recording takes place only to the internal memory and no SD card writing is currently taking place. (Either flying without SD, or, the Core is unable to write to the SD in use).

Firmware Upgrade

During firmware upgrade the LED will flash rapidly upon power up for about 15 seconds. This indicates that the new firmware is currently being loaded to the Core. Once loading is done, the Core will continue with the default initialization sequence. After completing a firmware upgrade we recommend removing the firmware file from your microSD root folder (ft.bin), otherwise the Core will upload the new firmware each time you power the Core. This won't cause any problem other than add unnecessary 15 seconds to the Core's initialization time.