Blade 350 QX Installation

1. ​What You Need

To get started you will need your Blade 350 QX quadcopter, your Flytrex Live 3G and the Flytrex Live Blade 350 QX Cable. Make sure you order the Flytrex Live Blade 350 QX Cable when ordering your Flytrex if you plan to install it on any of the Blade 350 QX models. You will find an option to add it when ordering Flytrex.

2. Open Your Blade 350 QX

Carefully open the Blade 350 QX shell. To do so, release the 32 screws marked in blue arrows in the image below. Flip your Blade and carefully remove the top shell.

3. Release Your GPS Mount

Release the GPS and battery mount frame simply by lifting it gently from its placement. Make sure your Battery is not connected while doing so.

4. Disconnect GPS from Main Board

Disconnect the 6-wire colored cable going from your GPS mount to the Blade 350 QX main board. You can gently release it using your fingers or small pliers. Do not pull the cable itself to release, instead pull the white connector itself.

5. Connect Flytrex Cable to Main Board

Your Flytrex Live Blade 350 QX cable includes 3 connectors, only one is identical to the connector we just released from the Blade main board. Connect this identical connector to the Blade main board to the same slot, replacing the GPS cable we just disconnected from this same slot.

6. Connect GPS to Flytrex Live Blade Cable

Go back to the GPS cable we disconnected and connect it to the Flytrex Live Blade Cable female socket. The Flytrex Live Blade Cable includes only one female socket.

7. Flytrex Live Blade Cable Route

Route the longer free side of the Flytrex Live Blade Cable through the hole in the center of the landing skid, marked in green arrow in the picture.

8. Flytrex Live Power Lead Routing

Place your Flytrex Live below the Blade and route the red and black power leads through the same hole on the Blade's landing skid, so that the power wires will be routed to the inside part of the Blade's shell. At this stage, the Flytrex Live Blade 350 Installation Cable small connector side should be placed on the outer side of the shall near the Flytrex Live.

9. Solder Flytrex Live Power Leads

Carefully solder the red and black power wires we routed from the Live 3G to any of the power leads on the main distribution board. We recommend soldering them to the nearest ESC power leads as marked in red and black arrows in the picture below. Make sure to solder the red wire to where the ESC red wire goes and the black Live 3G wire to the ESC black wire.

10. Close Shell and Connect Flytrex Live

Carefully flip the Blade and close the Blade 350 QX shell. Next, connect the Flytrex Live Blade 350 QX installation cable to the corresponding socket on the Flytrex Live 3G.

11. Mounting Pads

Before mounting the Live, register your Live with your Flytrex account if you haven't already. After mounting, the QR code containing your Live ID will be hidden making it impossible to register.

Included with your Live package you will find four 3M double sided adhesive mounting pads. Flip the Live system and place each of the four pads at each of the corners. Peal all four pads, flip the Live again and position it where you wish to mount the Flytrex Live. The Live system is designed to fit perfectly the Blade 350 bottom shell, but you can mount it any way you like.

12. All Set

That's it! Before taking off for the first time, insert a data SIM card to the Live device, power your Blade and see that the Live LED turns flashing green after initialization. This indicates the real-time flight data is now streamed automatically to your Flytrex account.