Flytrex Live 3G LED Reference

Flytrex Live includes a 4-color LED that provides feedback about your Live status at any given time. Use this quick guide to learn more and troubleshot the status of your Live based on the LED status.

LED Successful Initialization Sequence

  1. Solid red - The LED will light solid red right after the Live is powered up. During this stage Flytrex Live checks that all internal electronics are operating.
  2. Quick blue flash followed by solid purple - Flytrex Live attempts to read data from the SIM card and establish data connection with the network.
  3. Solid blue - Data connection established successfully. Flytrex Live performs initial authentication with Flytrex server.
  4. Flashing green - Live connection established successfully. Your flight telemetry data is now streamed to your Flytrex account.

Troubleshoot - Solid Purple

In some cases the LED might stay purple and won't proceed to the next step in the initialization sequence, which should turn to solid blue light. Here is a quick list of possible things that can cause this.

  1. New SIM Installation - When inserting a new SIM to Flytrex Live for the first time, it might need up to 5 minutes to register with the mobile network, and therefore it might take up to 5 minutes before the purple light will turn blue and move to the next step. If you just placed a new SIM in your Flytrex Live for the first time we recommend leaving it up to 5 minutes if the LED is showing solid purple. If the LED still shows purple after 5 minutes, we recommend powering off your Flytrex Live then powering it up again and trying it once again for another 5 minutes. Only after two failed attempts to reach the blue LED we recommend checking different potential problems as described in the next points.
  2. SIM is PIN Protected - In some cases the SIM you received from your carrier might be PIN locked by default. In such cases, Flytrex Live can't access the SIM and will fail to establish connection with your network. To verify that your SIM is not PIN locked, try putting the SIM in a mobile phone and see if you're asked to enter a PIN. If you are, follow your carrier instructions to pass the PIN lock and use your phone settings to disable the SIM lock. Then place the SIM again in your Flytrex Live and try again.
  3. No 2G GPRS data plan - Flytrex Live requires GPRS data connection. If using a SIM with only 3G or 4G data plan Flytrex Live will fail establishing network connection and the LED will remain purple. We recommend calling your carrier and verify that you have GPRS connection included with your SIM data plan.