DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Installation

1. What You Need

To get started you will need your Phantom 2 Vision Plus quadcopter, your Flytrex Live 3G and the Flytrex Live DJI Installation Cable. When ordering Flytrex Live you will be asked which cable type you wish to include with your order, make sure to select the Flytrex Live DJI Installation Cable.

2. Open Your Phantom

Carefully open your Phantom 2 Vision Plus shell. Pay special attention to the GPS cable that is connected between the top shell and the main board and disconnect it carefully from the main board when opening the top shell. Opening the Phantom is beyond the scope of this manual but you can find plenty of online manuals showing how to open it up. For the purpose of this guide you do not need to remove the landing arms nor the Phantom 2 Vision plus gimbal.

3. Connect Flytrex Cable to Main Board

The Flytrex Phantom Cable is a special Y shaped cable with three connectors. One of the cable sides includes two connectors: male and female. Connect the male connector on this side of the cable to the main board GPS slot, instead of the GPS cable we disconnected earlier from the same slot.

4. Connect GPS to Flytrex Cable

Now connect the GPS cable we initially disconnected from the main board to the female connector in the Flytrex DJI Installation Cable on the same side of the cable.

5. Flytrex Cable In Place

At this stage, the Flytrex DJI Installation Cable should be connected to the GPS slot on the main board and the Phantom GPS cable is connected to the Flytrex DJI Installation Cable female slot. The single long side of the Flytrex DJI Installation Cable is not connected yet.

6. Route Flytrex Live Cables

Take the Flytrex Live system and place it below the Phantom battery door part. Route the red and black power wires behind the front gimbal rubber dumper and through the landing arm hole. We recommend routing through the same arm hole where the gray compass cable is routed through.

Next, route the remaining free side of the Flytrex DJI Installation cable from the inner side of the shell to the outside through the same hole - but to the opposite direction, taking the wire outside of the Phantom shell.

7. Solder Power Wires

Now we need to solder the power wires to the Phantom's main distribution board power leads. This will provide power to the Live whenever the Phantom is powered up, plus, used for real-time logging of your Phantom's voltage whenever you fly. Soldering the power leads to the main distribution board requires moderate soldering skills. If you have no soldering experience we recommend asking a friend to help or practicing for a while before.

We recommend soldering the power wires to the ESC positioned on the other side from the arm hole we routed the power wires through, however, you can solder them to any of the ESC power leads. The black wire needs to be soldered to the lead titled as "G" (Ground) and the red wire needs to be soldered to the lead titles as "V" (VCC). You will find the letter marks written on the ESC board itself in small fonts. The soldering points are also marked in the picture below. When soldering you should solder the Live wires on top of the existing lead solder. Be careful when working with the solder to avoid melting the plastics on the sides of the arm.

Another alternative is to gently lift the WiFi module and solder the wires to the power leads that can be found on the main board beneath it. However, we found that releasing the WiFi module can be a bit tricky and soldering to one of the ESC power leads is simpler, but both options will work just fine.

8. Plug Flytrex Live

With the soldering done, carefully close the Phantom shell placing all screws back in to place. Make sure the new Live wires are tucked neatly within the Phantom. Once closed, flip the Phantom upside down and plug the Flytrex Live DJI Installation cable to the Live system until firmly inserted to the plug slot. Avoid any unnecessary pressure on the connector and cable itself.

9. Mounting Pads

Before mounting the Live, Register your Live with your Flytrex account if you haven't already. After mounting, the QR code containing your Live ID will be hidden making it impossible to register.

Included with your Live package you will find four 3M double sided adhesive mounting pads. Flip the Live system and place each of the four pads at each of the corners. Peal all four pads, flip the Live again and position it between the gimbal and the battery compartment door. The Live system is designed to fit perfectly to this section of the Phantom 2 Vision Plus.

10. SIM Card

‚ÄčInsert a SIM with data plan to your Live system. See image below showing the correct direction of the SIM.‚Äč See here for more details about the required SIM card.

11. All Set

That's it! Before taking off for the first time, power your Phantom and see that the Live LED turns flashing green after initialization. This indicates the real-time flight data is now streamed automatically to your Flytrex account.