Flytrex Live 3G Programmer

The Live Programmer offers a set of tools that lets you configure and extract data from your Flytrex Live. This page covers the different tools included with the Live Programmer and how each can be used.

Flytrex Live uses FTDI driver to communicate with the PC. Before using the Live Programmer please install the FTDI driver for Windows.

Download the latest programmer version - v1.301.20141021

1. Mission Uploader

Flytrex Live streams your flight data in real time to your Flytrex Account using your local GSM network, so all of your flight data is automatically collected and logged to your Flytrex Profile.

In some rare situations the Live 3G might lose network connection and will fail streaming your flight data to your Flytrex Profile. This can happen when flying in areas with no 3G or 2G network coverage or when flying without a SIM card.

Use the Mission Uploader tool to sync flight missions data stored in the Flytrex Live internal memory with your Flytrex Account automatically and recover any missing flight missions. Detailed instructions are included in the Mission Uploader tool itself.

2. APN Programmer

Flytrex Live maintains an internal list of APNs and updates it automatically. In most cases you won't need to configure the network APN manually. However, in some cases you might need to do so to get Flytrex Live to connect to your network.

Use Flytrex Live APN Programmer tool to configure custom APN for your Flytrex Live. When setting custom APN, Flytrex Live will use the custom APN and the internal list of APNs will no longer be used. Your carrier APN is most likely listed on their web-site, or do a quick search to find your carrier APN details online.

When communicating with our support team we might ask you to send us back your APN Programmer process log. To do so, first follow the APN Programmer instructions and set custom APN for your Flytrex Live.

Once done, press menu File -> Copy Log To Clipboard. This copies the programmer log to your PC clipboard. Then use Paste command (Ctrl + V) when emailing us back to include the programmer log with your reply to us.

3. Log Exporter

Flytrex Live includes an internal log that allows our support team to better investigate and diagnose different errors that might happen with your Flytrex Live.

Use the Log Exporter tool to export your Live internal log to a local file that you can then send to our support team for further review.

Press the Export LOG button to enter the Log Exporter tool and follow the detailed instructions displayed on the screen.

For any question please contact us and we'll be glad to assist.