Flytrex Live 3G Supported Carriers

Flytrex Live 3G streams flight telemetry data using 3G GSM network. To start using the Live 3G you will need to get a micro SIM with data plan that uses 3G GSM network from a local carrier.

3G GSM, the technology used by the Live 3G, is the most commonly used network around the world today and you will definitely find at least one, and probably more, local carriers that you can use with the Live 3G in your country without a problem.

In terms of data usage, the Live 3G uses compressed data protocols and therefore consumes very little data. Most chances are that the smallest and cheapest data plan available will do great for the Live 3G. See FAQ #15 for more details about the Live 3G data usage.

To help you get started with the Live 3G we've collected below details about carriers and data plans used by our pilots. Please note that even if your country is not listed you can definitely use the Live 3G in your country with any of the local GSM carriers.

United States

In the US two of the major networks offer 3G GSM coverage: AT&T and T-Mobile. There are several other smaller networks that use GSM as well.

Most of our users in the US have found that H2O Wireless are offering the best deal on data plan that is optimal for use with the Live 3G. H2O offer a plan called Pay-As-You-Go for $10/3 months with 100mb of data. 100mb of data is more than enough for 3 months of flying with the Live 3G. H2O are using AT&T network hence offer very good coverage. Based on users' feedback this plan offers the best value for Live 3G pilots and keeping the data fee very low at $3.3 per month.

You shouldn't have any problem using AT&T, T-Mobile or other 3G GSM carriers in the US as well.