Flytrex and Yuneec Q500/Q500+ Typhoon Installation

​What You Need

To get started you will need your Yuneec Q500 or Q500+ Typhoon quadcopter, your Flytrex Live 3G and the Flytrex Live Q500 Installation Cable. Make sure you order the Flytrex Live Q500 Installation Cable when ordering your Flytrex if you plan to install it on the Q500/Q500+ model.

If ordering from our web-site, our web-site will guide you to order the correct installation cable when you order your Flytrex Live 3G. If ordering from one of our worldwide dealers you should order the Flytrex Live cable for the Q500/Q500+ or for the Blade 350QX, the two cables are identical so it doesn't matter which one you order.

1. ​Open Your Yuneec Q500/Q500+

Place the Q500 upside down, remove the camera if currently connected and release all screws to open the quadcopter shell. Put all screws aside in a safe place, you will need them later when closing the shell. After all screws were removed gently open up the Q500 shell.

2. Disconnect GPS Cable

When opening the Q500 shell you will see the GPS cable connected between the top shell and the bottom side. Gently disconnect the cable from its socket on the Q500 main board. After disconnecting the GPS cable from the main board you can now completely open the Q500 shell.

3. Connect Flytrex Cable to GPS Socket

Take the Flytrex Q500 Installation Cable and connect it to the GPS socket on the main board. The cable needs to be connected to the same GPS socket we just disconnected the top shell wire from it. The Flytrex Q500 installation cable is a Y-shaped cable with 3 ends, but only one of the ends will fit the GPS socket, so you can't confuse the connections.

4. Connect GPS cable to Flytrex Cable

Now connect the cable coming from the GPS on the top shell side to the Flytrex Installation Cable female port. There is only one female port that will fit so you can't confuse the connections. At this stage, you should have the Flytrex Q500 installation cable connected in two ends, between the top shell and bottom shell, and have one last end, the longer end, still free.

5. Route Flytrex Wires

Take the last free end of the Flytrex Installation Cable and route it via the hole near the landing gear so that the wire will be routed from the inside of the shell to the outer side. Then, place the Flytrex Live beneath the Q500 and route the black and red wires through the same hole in the landing gear to the inside, so that the black and red wires will go from the outer side to the inner side of the shell.

6. Solder Power Wires

Carefully solder the red and black wires that we routed to the inside of the shell to one of the many VCC/Ground solder points that are available on the main board. We soldered it to one of the 4 red/black solder points connected to the engines. See our soldering points marked in green arrows.

It doesn't matter to which point you chose to solder, but make sure the red wires is soldered to a red point and the black goes to black. The solder is relatively simple, but if you never soldered in the past we suggest you ask for the help of an experienced friend or practice before.

To make soldering easier, we disconnected the Flytrex Installation Cable female socket from the top shell GPS cable (marked in blue arrow) and we reconnected it after we finished soldering.

7. Mount and Connect Flytrex Live

Before mounting the Live, Register your Live with your Flytrex account if you haven't already. After mounting, the QR code containing your Live ID will be hidden making it impossible to register.

Included with your Live package you will find four 3M double sided adhesive mounting pads. Flip the Live system and place each of the four pads at each of the corners. Peal all four pads, flip the Live again and position it as seen in the picture below. If you prefer, you can also position it different placements, although we recommend mounting it at the bottom part of the aircraft.

After mounting, carefully connect the last end of the Flytrex Q500 Installation Cable to the Live socket located near the red and black power wires.

8. All Set

Insert a SIM with data plan to your Live system. See here for more details about the required SIM card and supported carriers.

That's it! Before taking off for the first time, power your Q500/Q500+ and see that the Live LED turns flashing green after initialization. This indicates the real-time flight data is now streamed automatically to your Flytrex account.