Flytrex Live User Manual
NOTICE: This support page is for the older Live 2G that was replaced by the Live 3G. The older Live 2G is no longer manufactured nor sold. New users should visit the Live 3G support section for details about Flytrex Live instead of this page.

1. Flytrex Live and the Flytrex Service

Flytrex Live is the world's first black-box designed especially for multirotors that creates live flight telemetry connection when flying. Live advanced technology puts it leaps and bounds ahead of other alternatives, making it the smallest and smartest black-box solution for multirotors out there!

Live is more than just an ordinary tracker and brings 3 main features into one solution.

  1. Flight Tracker - Advanced Last Seen tool not only lets you find lost aircraft, but helps you analyze flight characteristics and identify possible problems.
  2. Real time flight telemetry - See flight data with Google Maps display in real time with your personal Flight Channel, share real-time flight with other pilots and more.
  3. Logbook and Social - Flights are automatically logged in personal Flytrex profile. Analyze flights, personal records, complete challenges, compete with pilots worldwide and more.

Live is a must-have for proficient multi-rotor enthusiasts flying LOS and FPV.

2. What's in the box?

Flytrex Live
The main Flytrex Live system.
Voltage: Supports 3S to 6S LiPo
Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.8 cm
Weight: 34 gram
Flytrex Live DJI Cable
Installation cable required if installing Flytrex Live with DJI Phantom 1, Phantom 1 with upgrade kit, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision+, Phantom FC40, Naza-M Lite, Naza-M v1 or Naza-M v2.
Length: 35 cm
Weight: 5 gram
Flytrex Live Blade 350 QX Cable
Installation cable required if installing Flytrex with the Blade 350 QX quadcopter.
Length: 27 cm
Weight: 5 gram
Flytrex Live APM 2.6 Cable
Installation cable required if installing Flytrex Live with APM 2.6 flight controller.
Length: 27 cm
Weight: 3 gram
4 x 3M mounting pads
3M double sided adhesive foam mounting pads. Use those to secure Live to your aircraft frame.
2 x Flytrex Stickers
Use anywhere you like to share some Flytrex awesomeness!

IMPORTANT NOTE – although the LIVE installation cables look similar to the Flytrex Core installation cables, they are actually different. Using the Core installation cable with the Live can damage your Live. Please make sure you're using the correct cable when installing Live to your aircraft.

3. What's Required

To get started you will need the Live system, flight controller with GPS (or quadcopter) from the list of supported flight controllers, Live installation cable to match your flight controller setup, and data micro SIM card (not included).

4. Supported Flight Controllers

Live supports the following flight controllers / quadcopters: DJI Phantom 1, DJI Phantom 1 with upgrade kit, DJI Phantom 2, DJI Phantom 2 Vision, DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, DJI Phantom FC40, DJI Naza-M v1, DJI Naza-M v2, Naza-M Lite, Blade 350 QX and APM 2.6.

Live system can be used with all of these flight controllers. The only difference is the installation cable. Make sure to order the installation cable matching your flight controller and setup

5. Data MicroSIM and Data Usage

Live uses 2G data microSIM for its live telemetry stream. You can order such microSIM from most local mobile carriers. When ordering, make sure the SIM crad is designed for use with 2G GPRS modems.

Live use advanced data compression that keeps data consumption to the minimum, even for those who love flying. For example, flying 8 hours a day, every day, should consume about 1 GB of data monthly. Unfortunately, most of us don't get to fly that often and 100mb will most likely be sufficient. :)

6. Your MicroSIM Setup

To help you get started with Live as quickly as possible we've gathered a list of confirmed microSIM cards and networks that have been tested and successfully used by Live users around the world. Live isn't limited for use with these networks only, but this list might help you get started more quickly.

Visit Flytrex Live Supported Carriers page for more details about carriers that can be used with Flytrex Live.

7. Registering Your Flytrex Live

Before installing and starting to use your new Flytrex Live, you will first need to register it and link it with your Flytrex Account.

  1. Registering via Mobile - The easiest way to register your Flytrex Live is by scanning the QR code located on the silver sticker at the back side of your Live device. Scan the QR code using your mobile phone. This will open up a web-page that will guide you through the Live registration process in just a few seconds.
  2. Registering via PC - Enter and sign-in to your account. Click the right-top link showing your account username and select Account Settings from the menu. Click the Live link on the left bar to enter the Live settings section.

    Click the Link New Device button. Enter your Live ID in the dialog that just opened - your live ID is the 15 characters ID listed on the Flytrex Live sticker, just to the right of the QR code.

Once linked, all flight missions and telemetry data collected by your Live will automatically be logged and stored in your Flytrex Account.

When linking your Live device you will also be presented with the option to link your Live device with a specific aircraft from the list of aircraft you configured in your profile. Linking your Live to a specific aircraft will automatically assign all flight missions and data collected by this Live device to the selected aircraft. This option is ideal if you plan to mount your Live on a specific aircraft. You can change the aircraft linked with your Live at any time through the Live Manage page.

8. Installation and Mounting

We love simple things, so we worked hard to design the simplest installation possible. Flytrex Live connects seamlessly with your flight system and requires basic soldering skills. Here is a quick overview of the installation process:

  1. Disconnect your GPS from your flight controller.
  2. Connect the GPS to the Flytrex Cable female socket - the only one available in the cable.
  3. Connect the male socket on the same side of the cable back to your flight controller GPS slot, where you just disconnected the GPS from.
  4. Connect the other side of the Flytrex Cable to the Flytrex Live GPS slot.
  5. Solder the two power wires (black and red) to your aircraft main distribution board.

Flytrex Live includes an LED indicator that provides feedback about the status of its connection at all times. We recommend mounting Live at the bottom of your aircraft, with the LED pointing downwards, so you could easily see it at takeoff. However, mounting it differently should be OK as well. Although the Live shouldn't cause any interference at all, we recommend to avoid mounting it directly on the GPS antenna.

Visit our installation manuals on the left side bar for detailed, step-by-step, guides on how to install Flytrex Live with your specific flight system setup.

9. First Time Check List

Here is a quick getting-started check list that will help you get everything setup for the first time.

  1. Open your Flytrex Live package with the installation cable for your flight system.
  2. Register Flytrex Live with your Flytrex Profile.
  3. Install and mount Live to your aircraft.
  4. Place the data micro SIM in your Flytrex Live.
  5. Power up your aircraft.

After power-up, the LED will first light red, followed by short blue and then purple. As soon as network connection is achieved, the Live LED will start flashing green for the entire length of the flight.

During first-time activation the Live LED might light blue for up to 10 minutes. During this time the Live registers with your carrier for the first time. Once initial connection is obtained (flashing green light), subsequent connection should go much faster and should go live within approximately 30 seconds. First-time registration with your mobile carrier will happen each time you change the micro SIM in your Live.

10. Firmware Upgrades

From time to time we might release new firmware upgrades for your Live system. We love keeping things simple, so the Live comes with Over-The-Air firmware upgrades support, making it super simple to install new firmware upgrades.

To check if a new firmware upgrade is available or install a new firmware, press on your account username link at the right-top corner and select Account Settings -> Live. Here you will be presented with a list of all Live devices linked with your account. Click on the Manage link for the Live device you wish to upgrade. In the Live Manage page you will find details about your Live current firmware version and the option to upgrade it automatically, if a new firmware is available. If you click the Upgrade Firmware button, your Flytrex Live will automatically upgrade to the latest firmware version on next power-up.

While the upgrade takes place the Flytrex Live LED will flash blue and purple multiple times, instead of flashing green. Once the upgrade is complete it will flash red to indicate the new firmware installation completed successfully. When you see the constant red LED flashing you should disconnect the power and re-connect it to perform a power cycle for your Live. Upon new power up the Live will start as usual and should flash green again when the Live data stream is connected successfully.

Loading new firmware upgrade over-the-air can take between 1 to 5 minutes. We suggest powering up your Flytrex Live at home, before heading out to fly, to avoid any delays with take-off.

At this stage you can refresh the Live Manage page and see the new firmware version is listed as the active firmware for your Live device. This indicates that the upgrade completed successfully.

11. Flytrex Live and Features Highlight

We've created Flytrex in attempt to share the awesomeness of multi-rotor with our friends, find better ways to track our skills and measure our improvement. Covering all the great benefits that Flytrex Live brings is beyond the scope of this manual. However, to give you a small taste, here are some of the cool features you'll find with your Flytrex Live and the service:

  1. GSM Powered - Flytrex Live uses stand-alone GSM data connection that transmits your flight details automatically to your personal Flytrex Profile whenever you takeoff and for the duration of your flight. Using a stand-alone data connection ensures that in the event of a crisis, Flytrex Live can save the day by keeping a live data connection with your aircraft.
  2. Auto Flight Logger - Similar to the Core, Flytrex Live brings powerful flight logging capabilities. All of your flight details are logged and stored in your personal Flytrex Profile. With Live, logging is automatic and you no longer need to copy mission files from your microSD. All of your flight missions are automatically transmitted to your Flytrex Profile and will show within minutes after landing. In addition to GPS location, speed, altitude and temperature, Flytrex Live adds voltage logging that helps you analyze battery performance during your flights.
  3. Live Tracker, Last Seen - Unlike other trackers that rely on challenge-response operation, Flytrex Live maintains a live data connection that guarantees you'll always know where your multirotor was last seen. Should your aircraft go MIA, visit the online Last Seen tool found in your personal Flytrex Profile to see where your multirotor was last spotted and recover it.
  4. Live Flight Channel - Share your flight in real time with your personal Live Flight Channel. Your Live Flight Channel let's you broadcast your flight telemetry, stats, and Google Maps flight path as-you-fly. Link to your channel, share your Flight Channel with other Flytrex pilots, or allow Flytrex to automatically post to your Facebook timeline as soon as you takeoff!
  5. Missions Manager and Analyzer - Each mission is stored and gets a dedicate web page with full flight details that lets you share the fun and experience with the world! Including flight map, stats for speed, distance, altitude, ascent, time, voltage and more. Newly earned badges, aircraft details, user comments and more.
  6. Badges - Unlock badges as you complete new missions and reach new achievements. Different badges are available for different achievement categories, including distance, altitude, ascent, speed, traveling the world, diving and more. We keep adding awesome new badges and missions all the time and we'd love to get your ideas!
  7. Challenges - Join a challenge, compete with other pilots worldwide and climb the leaderboards as you improve. There are always new challenges for you to conquer, and we're open to suggestions - so let us know what you'd like to see!
  8. Personal Records - Flytrex tracks each of your missions and stores your personal records at all times. Challenge yourself with each flight and try to improve your personal records.
  9. Explore and Search - Explore missions by other Flytrex members, find and search other pilots flying nearby and connect with them, comment and like other's awesome missions and achievements.

You'll find many more great features with Flytrex. Creating an account is free but only Flytrex Live owners have access to these stellar features.

Use your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account to sign in and join the fastest growing UAV pilots network today!