Flytrex Site
Flytrex Site Dev Log


  • Website: Listed support for Inspire 1 Pro and Black edition on the Live Plus shop page.
  • Sky: Improved Sky GPS warm up process, now locks on GPS much faster.


  • Website: Fixed problem with last compass and accelerometer calibration showing incorrect dates in the new Maintenance Center.


  • Android, Pilot (v1.01): Android screen will now stay ON when the app is running, preventing it from dimming/shutting off while flying or tracking your drone flight path and stats.


  • Website: Linking new Sky drone with your account automatically adds a new Sky drone to your aircraft list.
  • Website: New Maintenance report added to the Device Manager page, providing information about your latest compass and accelerometer calibration for your Sky Drone via the web-site.
  • Website: Default Sky drone image added when linking new Sky drone with your account.


  • Android, Pilot (v1.01): Pilot app now uses full screen in flight control screen.
  • Android, Pilot (v1.01): New Compass Calibration tool added, allowing to calibrate the drone compass via the app and without having to install any additional tools nor use any external cables.
  • Android, Pilot (v1.01): New Accelerometer Calibration tool added, allowing to calibrate the drone accelerometer via the app and without having to install any additional tools nor use any external cables.


  • Website: New Wiki section added to web-site. Link to Flytrex Wiki added to footer.
  • Website: New panel about Wiki added to Support main page with link to new Wiki system.


  • Android, Pilot (v1.00): Fixed bug when flying in auto-pilot and changing flight hover altitude causing Flytrex Sky to fly much higher than selected in some cases.
  • Android, Pilot (v1.00): Auto-pilot now set as default flight mode.
  • Website: New social media icons.


  • Footer updated for better compatibility with mobile screens.
  • Flytrex Sky price updated as shipments of first batch started.
  • Dealers section updates.


  • Site wide layout updates and fixes.


  • New header and footer implemented for better mobile support.


  • Fixed minor issues related to new Shop discounts engine.


  • New discounts engine added to Shop section to allow better coupons support and flexibility.


  • Flytrex Sky firmware and hardware internal storing improved.


  • Fixed problem when using the Live Plus together with the A2 causing live flights not to show in some cases on the pilot's profile after the mission has ended.


  • New Documentation section added to Flytrex Sky support, including download links to the Flytrex Sky Quick Start Guide and Safety Guidelines and Disclaimer.


  • Fix: Private missions are now visible only for the mission owner and are no longer accessible for other users or anonymous users, even if using direct link to the mission page.
  • Fix: Problem when visiting a new pilot profile page showing the wrong account name fixed, will now show correct user name rather than the page visitor account name.


  • Bug with Live API /users/ call fixed.


  • Live API fixes, API documentation updated for simpler implementation.


  • Secure connection (https) now avaiable. Access Flytrex via for use over secure connection.


  • Fixed problem with Phantom 3 flights showing takeoff point from the middle of the ocean in many cases. Takeoff point should show correctly now both on website Live Flight Channel and iOS/Android apps.


  • New Developers page with new sections for Flytrex Sky API and Live API.
  • New Live API specs now available in Developers section.


  • New Flytrex Live API added introducing functions to access account informaiton and Live real-time data using OAuth2/REST API.
  • New Developer control panel section added for users who manage/own apps with their account.


  • Fixed problem with Last Seen tool not working properly in specific situations.


  • New Apps section added to Account Settings page.


  • Published new Flytrex Live Plus and Live 3G comparison blog post.
  • Fixed missing thumbnail images on Shop section


  • Updated Live 3G cable pictures to the new Live Plus cables on Shop section.


  • New challenges code base now enables better mission filtering per-challenge. This will help us keep challenges fair and fun moving forward.
  • Several additional code updates and improvements.



  • Added new Following page.
  • Updated followers/following logic, now allows to easily follow or unfollow other pilots in Flytrex network more easily.
  • Fix - Flight Logbook export now follows the currently selected unit system (Imperial or Metric) in the result PDF file.


  • Fixed bug with Explore view not working when not signed-in.
  • Fixed problem adding a comment on a mission in pilot profile pages.
  • Fixed problem with new badges not added in some cases when uploading new missions using the Mission Upload tool.


  • New Followers and Following pages added to pilot profile page, allowing to view all following and followers list for each pilot.
  • New top nav bar added, clicking now enabled to switch between the different profile pages (Profile/Followers/Following).


  • Fixed problem with Phantom 3/Inspire 1 TXT log file upload failing in some cases.


  • Fixed crash when trying to visit a Phantom 3 mission uploaded via the new Flytrex Live Plus.
  • Fixed problem with Live for Phantom 3 system showing incorrect speed. Fix also applied to existing missions for backwards compatibility and accuracy of existing missions.
  • Fixed avatar size not showing in the correct size in all cases when viewing pilot flying in the Live Flight Channel page.


  • New map legend showing flight-mode colors added for CANBUS flight logs including flight-mode data.


  • Fixed problem when exporting mission showing incorrect flight mode started after adding flight-mode support to A2 controllers as well.


  • Added Tarot 650 and 1000 Iron Man frame to Explore and Challenges views frame filter tool.


  • Fixed problem with Last Seen view not showing for Phantom 3 flights recorded using Flytrex Live.


  • Fixed two rare crash when accessing the Last Seen view in some specific cases.


  • Fixed rare problem with APM flights showing across the world due to GPS data glitch - flight data will now show correctly.
  • Improved algorithm to automatically identify and correct GPS location glitches during flight.
  • Dealers page UI updated
  • Added new Sky dealers page listing all official Flytrex Sky dealers worldwide.


  • UI updates in Live view display to better support the new Flytrex Live for Phantom 3.
  • Fix in DB structure for possible live flight bug in some cases.


  • New Flytrex Live Phantom 3 Mount and 5-Decals pack products added to the Shop Live 3G category.


  • Added phone and tablet holders products to shop in Sky and Live 3G category.


  • New Flytrex Live for Solo is now available for pre-order on our site. Shipping starts in 3 weeks.


  • Added flight-mode support for A2 flight controllers as well. Flight mode data is also available for previous A2 flights as well.
  • Live Flight Channel display on site now shows flight-mode telemetry pane only if flight-mode data is available for the current flight controller.


  • Live server and live display code optimized.
  • Problem with Live view not always zooming on current flight location fixed.
  • Problem with Flytrex Sky flight missions not always showing on the Live globe view or logged to the pilot's account fixed.


  • Blog page design updated with new site modern UI.
  • Flytrex Messenger Android app released. App download buttons are now active and with links to the app download page on Google Play.
  • New blog post reviewing the new Flytrex Messenger app, features and how it works in conjunction with the Flytrex Sky Internet Drone.


  • Fixed problem with A2 live flight data processing.


  • Flytrex Live 3G Installation Guide for Phantom 3 added.


  • Updated Challenges page UI.
  • Updated Badges page UI.


  • Explore page UI updates to fix new site overall design.


  • Profile page UI updates to fit new site overall design.


  • Fixed missing Live Plus device icon on Device Settings page.
  • Fixed problem uploading Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 TXT log files as new missions to Flytrex account in some cases.
  • Missing departure icon from Mission page map is now showing correctly.
  • Minor typo fixes.
  • Fixed problem registering new Flytrex Live device or Sky aircraft using the QR Code mobile scan.


  • Fixed problem with Flytrex Live flights not shared automatically to Facebook when configured by the pilot to share automatically.
  • Fixed problem with Android app not showing live-flight notifications even if user configured to receive notifications when new live flights are taking place.


  • Fixed User Menu button now working on error pages 404 and 500.
  • Logbook display and export tool now includes selection option between Imperial and Metric units.
  • Logbook view UI improved.


  • Clicking the Upload Mission button will now allow selection of TXT files in addition to FPV files to allow selection of DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 log files, which you can now upload to your Flytrex profile.
  • Mission date issue showing 10 years ahead when uploading missions from Phantom 3/Inspire 1 log files fixed.



  • Parser algorithm updates, now supporting uploads of Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 TXT log files stored on the mobile device using the Upload Mission button, similar to the files using the Flytrex Core.
  • Several fixes to shop and main page order form.


  • Main page updates - added new information about Flytrex Sky features for hobbyists and drone enthusiasts.
  • Flytrex Sky topic added to Contact Us support page.


  • New Flytrex Sky API page for developers added, offer details and registration about the Flytrex Sky drone web API. Link available on main page footer.


  • New Flytrex Sky internet drone introduced. New Flytrex Sky site updates.


  • Fixed bug with algorithm not recognizing missions properly at all times.


  • Fixed bug causing missions with CAN-BUS to show incorrect, much longer, mission duration values.


  • Fixed mission date problem for missions uploaded using Team BlackSheep BlackBox and manager app.
  • Fixed graph display issue with missions recorded using WooKong-M flight controller.


  • Fixed problem with compass heading not showing correct heading when CAN-BUS data is available. Fix now available both on web-site Live flight display and via mobie app.


  • Fixed problem when filtering the Explore view based on frame model that includes '+' in the name (e.g. Phantom 2 Vision+, Iris+ etc.) filtering not working. Now display works correctly and will filter according to the correct selected model.
  • Fixed layout problem when using the Explore view filter tool, Clear button not aligned correctly to the top bar. Clear button will now be aligned correctly.
  • Fixed explore view filter problem when selected filter has no missions to show causing a server error message to show.


  • Fixed crash when exporting flight log in some cases.
  • Fixed navigation between pages on the Horizon FPV Rider Challenge not working.
  • Added award badges to the latest challenge winners.


  • Added new press section on website main page.


  • Fixed broken link on Live 3G Phantom 2 Vision Plus installation guide.
  • Fixed missing award badges from previous award winner profiles.


  • New Flytrex Live 3G and Yuneec Typhoon Q500/Q500+ installation guide now available in the Live 3G support section.


  • Fixed problem with missions not showing correct mission time when viewed in parts of the day and showing the correct time in when viewed in other times of the day.


  • Fixed problem with Live missions not posting to pilot's Facebook in all cases even if the pilot have selected to share live flight status to Facebook.
  • Added notice to older Flytrex Live (2G) support pages to indicate the newer Live 3G is available and most users should be looking at the new Live 3G support pages instead. This will help to prevent confusion among users looking at the support pages of the older Live 2G rather than looking at the latest Live 3G.


  • New aircraft models added to site: XuGong v2/Pro, Vortex, Yuneec Q500, Yuneec Q500+, Inspire 1, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 Professional, 3DR Solo, Blade 350 QX2 and QX3.


  • Fixed problem with pilot name showing incorrect name.
  • Fixed problem with max-speed showing incorrect values when exporting flight logbook to PDF.


  • New Flight Logbook added. Available via the Account Menu on the right-top corner. New Logbook includes filters and export to PDF tool that lets you export your flights logbook data to a PDF file for printing or sharing.


  • Mission loading algorithm updated to identify GPS speed data glitches and correct them automatically. This will eliminate speed read glitches and will keep site data more accurate.


  • Challenges section code optimization.
  • Fix layout issue with mission comments display.
  • UI and layout fixes with Flytrex Live and Core shop pages.
  • Flytrex Core v2 latest firmware v4 taken out of public beta stage and pushed as new official release. New Core v2 systems will now be shipped with new fimrware v4 built-in. Existing users can easily upgrade their existing systems to the latest firmware.


  • Updated Flytrex Core user manual with new available installation cables and supported systems. Added support for new Blade QX2 and QX3, Yuneec Q500, Pixhawk and Iris+ systems.
  • Updated Flytrex Live 3G manual with new supported systems list and added new optional installation cables and CAN-BUS Adapters to manual.
  • Optimized Horizon FPV Rider Challenge algorithm to better filter out cheats and invalid flights - algorithm will no longer count flights that were marked as invalid by the Flytrex content team.
  • Fixed problem with Horizon FPV Rider challenge page navigation not working.


  • Problem with voltage parsing when using Flytrex Live 3G and the CAN-BUS Adapter fixed.
  • New Horizon FPV Spring 2015 Rider challenge is here! Pilot to fly max distance during challenge dates takes the grand prize package sponsored by Horizon FPV.


  • Fixed problem with Live flights not getting posted to Facebook wall.


  • Shop section design updates.
  • New Accessories section added to shop.
  • Shop Apparel section redesigned with new T-Shirt design now available for order.


  • New and much improved Live Flight Channel page and telemetry bar design.
  • New Live comments and Live badges now available on the Live Flight Channel, allowing pilots to post live comments to the current live flight and watch badges as they get unlocked in real-time during flight.


  • Platform selection floating window added when ordering the Flytrex Core from the Shop section, similar to the selection used when ordering the Flytrex Live 3G. Offering simplified and easier cable selection.


  • New Supported Carriers page added to Flytrex Live 3G support section including more details about carriers and data plans that can be used with the Flytrex Live 3G to help customers get started more easily.


  • Added flight mode support for pilots flying with CAN-BUS adapter with Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision Plus, Naza 2 or WooKong-M flight controllers. Flight mode is displayed using different colors on the flight path display when viewing a flight in the Live Flight Channel and when viewing older published flights (non-live flights).
  • Flight mode data added to Mission Export tool when exporting mission data to CSV. Flight mode field is included in the exported CSV if exporting a mission that was originally flown with the CAN-BUS adapter.


  • Live flights share on Facebook now working. When enabled, a new story will show on the pilot's Facebook page inviting others to join the live flight as it takes place.
  • New Profile page splash image logic will now use image from user's aircraft, if at least one of the user's aircraft includes an image rather than using the default Flytrex splash image.
  • Explore page Search bar now allows filtering the display to show flights only from pilots you follow or from all Flytrex pilots.


  • New Flytrex Compare page redesign in Shop page. More informative and easier to navigate.
  • Problem with Buy Now button in the Live 3G description page and Flytrex Compare page now fixed.


  • New Profile page design with header image and improved UX.
  • New Follow feature allows you to follow other pilots and others can follow you. Combined with the Flytrex Android app you can get a notification to your Android phone whenever any of the pilots you follow takeoff.


  • Multirotor/flight controller selection float window added when ordering Flytrex Live, making it simpler to order the correct cables for your setup.
  • Yuneec Q500 support added with Flytrex Live 3G.


  • New Live 3G and Blade 350 QX Installation Guide added to Live 3G Support section.
  • Flytrex Live 3G firmware v18 released. Includes several improvements to support several upcoming new features.


  • New Flytrex CAN-BUS Adapter for Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision Plus now available on shop and main page order.
  • New Live 3G Phantom 2 Vision Plus and CAN-BUS Adapter installation guide added to Live 3G support page.
  • Live 3G installation guides section added to Live 3G support section for easier navigation.


  • Fixed problem with flights recorded on the last day of the Winter Challenge not included in the winter challenge.


  • Main page updates, added links to new Flytrex iOS and Android apps and updated supported flight controllers list.


  • Added listing for new WooKong-M support for Live 3G when used with the new CAN-BUS Adapter, in addition to the existing A2, Naza 2 and Phantom 2 support.


  • New advanced Last Seen system introduced.
  • Problem with flight speed reported in the last two days showing incorrect max speed in some cases fixed.


  • Affiliate system improvements and fixes.


  • New multirotor frame models added: QAV250, S800 Evo, S900, S1000, S1000+, Inspire 1 and the Iris+


  • Flytrex CAN-BUS Adapter introduced with DJI A2 support, plug-n-play installation and more.
  • New Live 3G and DJI A2 installation manual added.


  • Flytrex Live parser engine updated adding DJI A2 support.


  • Live model is now listed in the Account Live Settings for each live device indicating whether the Live device is 2G or 3G version.
  • Added link to download latest Live 3G firmware file from the Live Manage page for Live 3G devices. Also included link to Live Programmer to complete firmware upgrade when available.


  • Fixed broken link in Flytrex Live (2G) user manual.


  • Mission page links updates.
  • Fixed problem with Edit Mission tool not saving edit changes. Now possible again to assign a video to an existing mission.
  • Fixed problem with Toggle Mission Privacy menu item not working.


  • Flytrex Live Flight Channel adds new and advanced aircraft heading display, replacing previous marker style. New aircraft graphics consists of two elements: (1) inner aircraft direction represents aircraft compass heading, and, (2) outer circle marker represents current flight heading. New system allows much better understanding of current aircraft state and flight direction at any given time.


  • New Support FAQ system implemented, adding product-related FAQ display that shows all FAQ related to specific product on each of the products support pages.


  • Lumenier Winter Distance and Speed Challenges announced. Join the challenge for a chance to win ARF QAV250 racing quadcopter.


  • New option now implemented lets you automatically post status update to your Facebook profile each time you take off using Flytrex Live and inviting your fridns to join the flight Live Channel view.
  • Flytrex Affiliates page updated.


  • Flytrex Mobile server communication updates.
  • New Flytrex Live FAQ added.


  • Blog link added to footer.


  • Server engine updates for upcoming new mobile version release.


  • Mission parser engine updates including several new upcoming features.
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale published - Free express world wide shipping on all Flytrex Live 3G orders.


  • New optimized mission parser engine implemented.
  • Fixed rare server error when trying to visit specific profile pages and account-setting pages.
  • Fixed bug with Live 2G mission uploader not working.


  • Web-site footer re-designed.
  • Added iPhone graphics to main page Live Flight Channel features section.
  • Main page graphics and text updates.
  • Fixed align issue with quadcopter image at the main page top section when viewing the site using Firefox.


  • Live Flight Channel and Last Seen tools backend improvements.
  • Added new Affiliate system and apply page.


  • Added 3DR Pixhawk flight controller support.
  • 3DR Pixhawk installation cable for Flytrex Core and Flytrex Live added to our shop.


  • Various site pages optimized for better performance and faster loading time.


  • New Notification Settings section added to account settings. Including all notification related settings.


  • Launched new Flytrex Live 3G.
  • New support and shop pages added for new Live 3G.
  • Support main page now includes horizontal scroll to navigate between the different support section items.


  • Minor font style fixes.


  • Fixed bug failing to open new live missions in specific cases related to the new Coastline badges.
  • Flytrex Live new-mission registration process optimized yielding faster loading times when Flytrex Live is powered up.
  • Fixed problem for users with non-ASCII characters in their first or last name not able to post comments to missions. Should now have no problem adding comments to all missions.
  • Fixed problem with comments posted to missions using non-ASCII characters not always showing. Comments will now show properly even if using non-ASCII characters.
  • Added support for non-ASCII text within Flytrex comment notification emails that are sent automatically when a comment is posted to a mission.


  • Fixed problem with main page order float not working properly following recent site updates.


  • Fixed problem when checking out new shop checkout page not working properly with specific locales.


  • New Coastline badges introduced. Unlock new Coastline badges for successfully flying above water and back to shore.
  • Fixed problem with Continue Reading links on Blog section not working.


  • Shop section improvements and fixes.


  • New Cart added to Shop. Many UI and navigation improvements added to Shop section.
  • Shop Checkout page updated, now listing only items that are in the cart.


  • Speed and Distance challenge scoreboards updated with new country filter that lets you filter and view scoreboards per country.


  • The very first firmware update for the Flytrex Core .


  • Fixed problem when syncing missions to Flytrex Profile using the Live Mission Uploader not storing mission files properly.


  • Fixed problem when removing Live device from account not allowing to re-connect the same Live ID once again.
  • Flytrex Site FAQ updates.
  • New Flytrex Live programmer released, v1.100.20140921. Adding new Mission Uploader tool.
  • Flytrex Live Programmer download page updated with details about new Mission Uploader tool.
  • New Flytrex Live firmware v41 released. New blog post added with details about new release.


  • Fixed missing flags on Dealers page.
  • Fixed problem with Speed challenge scoreboard not listing all pilots with their personal best record in all cases.


  • Fixed problem with missions logged using Flytrex Live not showing state location even if mission was performed in a country that should include state details (USA, Canada or Australia).


  • Added US state badges. Unlock new badge each time you fly in a new state for the first time.
  • Released new Flytrex Live Programmer version. Adding Log Exporter allowing to export internal log details from Flytrex Live. Feature available starting with upcoming Live firmware 39 or newer.


  • Added new stand-alone sign-in mechanism, allowing users to create a stand-alone Flytrex account rather than linking with one of the social network account sign-in options. Also added full account logic for sign-up, password recovery etc.
  • User panel Explore View UI refresh.


  • Social account settings moved from Profile Settings section to a new Sign-In Settings section.
  • New Display Name setting added in Profile Settings, allowing to set account display name across Flytrex site.
  • Fixed missing Contact Us link from Flytrex Live Supported Carriers page.
  • Flytrex Live support option added to Contact Us page.


  • Fixed problem when viewing live missions on the Globe view showing live missions taking place with incorrect takeoff location.
  • Fixed problem with Globe view floating window for completed missions leading to pilot's Live Channel instead of pilot's Profile. Float window link will now lead to pilot's Profile view.
  • Now allowing smaller zoom out level in the Globe view for full display of globe map all at once.
  • Fixed problem with pilot's avatar not re-sizing correctly if pilot signed-in using Google or Twitter. Will now show avatar using correct size on all views regardless to signin method.
  • Fixed problem when hovering mission pin on the Globe view that is currently covered/hodden by another opened info box causing it to open a new info box regardless to the existing one. New info box won't be opened anymore when hovering pins that are currently not visible and are covered by an info box that is already floating on top of the map.


  • Fixed problem with mission map display showing incorrectly when viewing a mission page.


  • Added Live Missions display option to Globe View. Creating the first world-wide display of real time multirotor flights.
  • New Globe view display mode button added, allowing to easily toggle display between completed missions and live missions.
  • Fixed problem with Flytrex Live algorithm not closing live missions properly in some rare cases.
  • Added state name display for missions in the US, Canada and Australia.


  • New Flytrex Live firmware v36 released. Blog post added with details about new firmware release.


  • Fixed problem with Voltage data when exporting mission to CSV not parsing correctly when running on PC with European regional settings.


  • Added direct anchor links to FAQ pages. Making it easier to send direct links to specific FAQ questions.


  • Profile view Pilot Panel UI refresh.
  • New Live Flight Channel button added to pilot's Profile View with direct link to pilot's Live Flight Channel. Button status and color automatically changes when live-flight is taken place and when landing, allowing visitors to see current flight status directly in pilot's profile.
  • Fixed problem with new missions not showing on the Globe view.


  • Optimized mission parsing algorithm to better process mission files even in cases that GPS reception is slightly lower.
  • Added time stamps to KML exported file format.
  • Fixed link to Flytrex Live manual from main page and Flytrex Live shop page. Was directing incorrectly to the Flytrex Core user manual.


  • New Flytrex Live firmware v35 released. Blog post added with details about new firmware release.


  • Flytrex Live supported carriers page updates. Added new supported countries confirmed by pilots.


  • Fixed problem with new missions recorded using Flytrex Live not assigned with aircraft although Live device is linked with a user aircraft.
  • Fixed broken link to Flytrex Core Dealers page from Flytrex Core shope page.
  • Flytrex Core shop page content fixes.


  • Voltage graph added to missions uploaded using Flytrex Live.
  • Battery voltage added to Mission Export tool when exporting mission recorded using Flytrex Live.


  • Fixed problem with badges not added to user profile when flight recorded using the new Flytrex Live.
  • Fixed problem with missions recorded using the new Flytrex Live not included in Flytrex Challenges.
  • Fixed problem when assigning untitled aircraft to live device showing incorrectly that no aircraft is assigned to Live device. Now listing that Live is linked with an untitled aircraft.


  • New Flytrex Live FAQ page added in support section.
  • New Flytrex Live LED Reference Guide added in support section.
  • New missions recorded with Flytrex Live will now use the correct privacy level as configured in the Live device settings. Fixed problem marking Flytrex Live mission as private at all times.
  • New Supported Carriers page added to Flytrex Live support section, listing all mobile carriers that can be used with Flytrex Live as reported by our pilots and inviting others to share details about their carrier and data plan used with Flytrex.


  • Globe page optimization.
  • Fixed missing links in main page features list section.
  • Several typo fixes.


  • Fixed maps not showing in Explore views.


  • Added algorithm to filter out missions recorded by the new Flytrex Live that does not represent actual flight missions but were recorded during testing or aircraft power up for maintenance. The new algorithm checks for minimum ascent or flight distance to determine if a Live log represents a real flight mission or not.
  • Fixed server error if accessing mission link that no longer exists. Now displays properly page-not-found message.


  • Engine optimization - Explore page now loads much faster.


  • Fixed problem with max-speed not showing for missions that were originally recorded with Flytrex Live.
  • Live Flight Channel map display now uses satellite as the default map-display instead of roadmap.


  • Globe view loading time optimzied.
  • Live Flight Channel now uses smooth aircraft movement animation for much improved user experience.


  • Fixed problem with Speed Challenge filter option by frame model not working.


  • Live Flight Channel fixes for APM pilots.
  • Flytrex Core microSD added back to new Flytrex Shop checkout page.
  • Fixed problem with Live Flight Channel map display not showing the actual live flight location in some cases when using Firefox.
  • Fixed problem with main page using incorrect font on Mac.


  • Updated max-speed algorithm - improved accuracy and should solve the occasional glitches with max-speed results that exists with the older algorithm.
  • Max-speed scoring and badges re-calculated for all existing missions and users.
  • Problem with Mission Export tool fixed.
  • Fixed problem with Globe view showing private missions and masked location missions.


  • Improvements with Live Flight Channel processing engine.


  • New Dealers page with product-filtering now displays first dealers from the same country as the site visitor, making it easier for users to find relevant dealers.
  • Fixed problem with private mission stats considered in Profile Aircraft page when viewing other pilots aircraft.


  • Flytrex Live announced.
  • New site updates adding new Flytrex Live features, Live settings section, new Flytrex Shop and more.


  • Globe view updated with new dynamic loading algorithm. Now loads flights dynamically, loading more flights as you zoom in the map dynamically. Fixes Globe view display freeze due to the large number of mission flights.
  • Minor UI fixes in Globe view.


  • Closed Team BlackSheep Bolt Challenge and Video Challenge for May 2014 web pages.
  • Fixed problem with Account Settings -> Profile page which might cause a server error when connecting account with Facebook account in some cases.


  • Added better handling for different site and server errors across the site.


  • Added Tarot T810 to list of available frame models when adding new aircraft.
  • Tarot T810 added to Speed and Distance Challenges model filter and to Explore view aircraft model filrer selection.


  • Fixed broken link when clicking the Edit Aircraft button from Upload Mission view.
  • Edit Mission Video tool replaced with new Edit Mission tool. Use the new tool to edit existing mission caption, video, assigned aircraft and privacy settings. To access the new tool click on the mission menu button from Profile view and selected Edit Mission option.


  • Minor improvements implemented in Bolt Challenge algorithm, might cause slight adjustments in challenge ranking.


  • Many UI improvements and optimization when visiting Flytrex site using Firefox browser.


  • New Profile Settings section added to settings control panel.
  • New Profile setting added to manage social accounts used to signin to Flytrex. Use the new setting to link multiple social accounts with a single Flytrex account. All linked social accounts can then be used to signin to the same Flytrex account.
  • Visiting other pilot profile will now show multiple social-account details in Contact bar if multiple social accounts were linked with that pilot account.


  • Fixed problem when sending support ticket including unicode characters via the Contact Us page not working.


  • Assigning video to mission now supports Vimeo videos using vanity URL.
  • Assigning video to mission now also supports video links without http/https prefix.


  • Fixed minor problem when browsing between pages in the new Bolt Challenge page not showing correct missions. Correct missions qualifying for the Bolt Challenge will now show properly when browsing through the challenge entry pages.


  • Team BlackSheep Bolt Challenge - Spring 2014 launched! With automatic flight maneuver analysis, challenge submission tool, awesome prizes and more.


  • Video challenge for May 2014 is now live! Challenge winner receives our ubercool Own The Sky tee.
  • Flytrex Site support section added to Support page - including support related to Flytrex web-site and service operation and use.
  • Added url-redirects from previous support section pages to new support section links.


  • Fixed problem causing CSV export data and column titles misalignment in some case.


  • Flytrex Core 2 released.
  • Updated support section with separate sections for Core 1 and Core 2. New Core 2 user manual now available.
  • Main page updated with Core 2 content and product details.


  • Fixed problem causing mission location not to show when uploading a new mission in some cases. Updated previous missions that were missing location adding the details that were missing to those existing missions.
  • Optimized server engine, mission view page will now load faster.
  • Added Phantom 2 Vision+ to list of aircraft frames.
  • Profile aircraft configuration view: Aircraft frame selection box now sorted alphabetically for easier navigation.


  • Max distance algorithm optimization - now designed to measure max-distance for round-trip missions only, eliminating one direction missions max-distance scoring.
  • Added missing flag in Challenges scoreboard for missions with location masked.


  • New blog section added.


  • Fixed problem where in some cases values kept showing with Imperial units even if Metric system is selected by user.


  • New improvements to FPV file parser.


  • Updated Distance Challenge descritpion to highlight the challenge goal flying back to take-off point to be considered for the challenge.


  • Fixed problem when switching units system between metric and imperial not working at all views when the user is not signed-in.


  • Fixed problem viewing pilot's Profile page if pilot signed-in with Google and link to pilot's Google Plus profile is missing.
  • Added Phantom FC40 to list of available frame models when adding new aircraft.
  • Phantom FC40 added to Speed and Distance Challenges model filter selection.
  • Phantom FC40 added to Explore view filter by aircraft model.
  • Tarot FY680, Tarot 680PRO and Tarot T960 airframes added to Explore model filter and to Speed and Distance Challenges model filters.


  • Updated CSV export date and time format for better compatibility with other third-party apps.


  • New sign-in options added. New users can now sign-in using Twitter and Google, in addition to the existing Facebook sign-in option.
  • Updated CSV export format: UTC and local date-time values were separated to two fields each: date field and time field.


  • New option added allowing to change units system between Imperial and Metric even if browsing the site as guests and without having to login.
  • New fields added to mission export: UTC datetime, local datetime, GPS satellites count, air pressure and temperature.


  • Problem uploading missions taken with the Blade 350 QX and using the Mask Mission tool causing a server error fixed.


  • Optimized aircraft name display in Profile and Gear views when user set long aircraft name - avoiding UI overlapping and misalignment with other elements.
  • Fixed problem with User Menu not opening when clicking username link on the Challenges page.
  • Fixed minor layout problem with Facebook like box on Support and Contact-Us pages.
  • Problem with left nav panel not showing completely on lower resolution screens and covered by footer when scrolling to the very bottom fixed.


  • Fixed problem when uploading mission with location masked having the new mission considered as a new country for the Traveler badge. Mission with masked location will no longer be considered for the Traveler badge.


  • Fixed problem with sign-in state not preserved if browsing to Flytrex site with or without the 'www' prefix in the address.


  • Fixed droblem deleteing missions from profile in some cases.
  • Fixed problem when using long aircraft names the aircraft name would push the mission menu button and mission flag down and out of position.


  • Explore view search tool updated. Gear search part that didn't work was removed and replaced with the option to search by frame instead. Now allowing to search Explore view by country and/or frame model.


  • Applied a few fixes to Dealers page display, improving the way dealers are ordered.
  • New Speed and Distance Challenge scoreboards filter tool - View the latest scoreboard for many multirotor frames and not only five selected frames as it was before. Including new scoreboard for the Blade 350 QX, Phantom 2 Vision and more.
  • Fixed problem with mission counter showing at the bottom of the Speed and Distance Challenge pages when browsing scoreboard pages and a filter is applied showing incorrect total missions count - will show correct mission count now.
  • Fixed problem with mission counter at the bottom of the Speed and Distance Challenge page sometimes wrapping on two lines, will now keep as single line for better layout.


  • Problem when publishing a new mission and selecting to share it on Facebook yet new mission not showing on Facebook timeline is fixed. Publishing new mission and selecting to share it on Facebook will now share the new mission on user's Facebook timeline.


  • New FAQ added to Flytrex Site FAQ section.


  • Fixed problem causing mission publish to fail in rare scenarios when publishing Blade 350 QX mission files.


  • Closed December Video Challenge and Lumenier O Challenge in the Challenges page and updated closing date for both challenges.
  • New fields added to CSV file export: Max Altitude (feet), Max Ascent (feet), Max Speed (mph) and Max Distance (feet). Get be used to further enhance flight data display with third-party apps such as Dashware and similar.


  • Added Additional Resources section to Flytrex for Blade 350 QX installation manual with link to Flytrex for Blade 350 QX Unboxing and Installation guide video by BlueFlyerTV to help users find this great video installation guide.
  • Added link from the Flytrex and Phantom Vision installation guide to Simon Newton's YouTube video for details how to open the Phantom Vision shell to install Flytrex to help users install their Flytrex system more easily


  • New Aircraft status added to aircraft setup window, select between Active, Default and Retired.
  • Retired aircraft is now grayed-out in the list of aircraft display in both My Gear view and in gear list in the Profile view. Retired aircraft are displayed at the end of the aircraft list display on both views.
  • Retired aircraft won't show in the aircraft selection box when publishing new missions.
  • Default aircraft will show first in the list of aircraft and will be the default aircraft selection in the aircraft selection box when publishing new missions.
  • Fixed problem with Mask Mission Location tool.
  • Explore view news feed items algorithm improved.


  • New awards section added to Profile view, showing all awards pilot received to date. Section is showing only if awards are available for pilot.
  • Award announcements are now shown in the Explore view integrated in the missions list display.
  • Profile view UI improvements added - left side panel titles improved.


  • Flytrex Blade 350 QX installation guide added to support section, including pictures for easy installation process.


  • Optimized mission altitude calculation code to support missions from different flight controllers more eaisly.
  • Fixed problem uploading and viewing Blade 350 QX missions.


  • Flytrex and Phantom 2 Vision installation guide added to support section, including pictured guide for installing Flytrex with the new Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter.
  • New Advanced Account Settings section added, including new option to enable mission location mask tool.
  • New Mask Mission Location tool now available when publishing new missions. When using this tool, all location data is completely removed from mission. Notice that location data is not recoverable and won't be stored on our server in any way. To use this tool you will need to enable it first under the Advanced Account Settings section.


  • Video challenge for December is now live! Challenge winner receives our ubercool Own The Sky tee.
  • Quadcopers UK added to our official dealers page.


  • New Flytrex Own The Sky official tees are now available for order. Use the Buy Now option on our site to order our new official tees.


  • New inline comments added to Profile and Explore views. With inline comments you can now view all mission comments and post new comments directly in the Profile and Explore views, without having to enter the mission page itself.
  • Fixed problem with mission date and time showing with 6-hour offset. Mission date and time will now show using local time.
  • Mission pane UI refreshed in Profile and Explore views.
  • Line breaks posted in comments now shows correctly when viewing a mission and when viewing comments in Profile and Explore views.


  • Mission date and time will now show using local time and not GMT, making it much easier to see when a flight mission actually took place in the local time.
  • When uploading a new mission selected map type is now stored and will be used as the default map type when visiting the mission page after it is published.
  • New Default mission map mode option added to Account settings, allowing to configure the desired default map display mode when publishing new missions.


  • New Lumenier O Challenge introduced. Including new challenge scoreboard page, challenge instructions, full map analysis tool and challenge submission tool.
  • Fixed bug that caused some missions not to show related to engine satellite count calculation
  • Mission data processing engine updated with much improved altitude calculation. Bringing altitude reading accuracy down to 1.5 meter accuracy.


  • Optimized Globe view, will load much faster now.
  • Added site admin tool to remove specific missions from the Challenges section. Two distance missions that didn't meet with the challenge goals were removed after discussions with community pilots.


  • Flytrex Video Challenge for October 2013 closed.


  • Mission upload view UI refreshed with better design.
  • Dealers page automatically shows best dealer match according to user's location.
  • GetFPV added to dealers page.
  • Mission storage and parsing engine re-designed for better storage and future development design.
  • Mission processing now supports missions stored by soon-to-be-released Flytrex for Blade 350QX.


  • New Multirotor Frame selection added when setting up a new aircraft or editing existing one. This will help us create new model-specific features with upcoming system updates.
  • Added default multirotor aircraft picture when no aircraft picture is set by the user. Now showing in the Gear page, gear editor popup, profile gear section and mission page when no image is assigned to aircraft.
  • Repositioned social pane on Globe view and added to Badges view.


  • Fixed bug with Google Earth KML export tool showing path at incorrect altitude.


  • NEW - Flytrex Video Challenge introduced. Monthly challenge for the best aerial video uploaded by Flytrex members. Challenge page shows all videos uploaded by Flytrex pilots during the month of the challenge.
  • New Challenges page added replacing the previous drop-down menu. New Challenges page lists all Flytrex challenges available.


  • Fixed bug not allowing to upload mission in rare situations related to the mission location.
  • Changed "Nearby" prefix to "Near" used in missions taking place near a city municipal area.


  • Bug not allowing to edit existing aircraft models in Gear section in some cases fixed.


  • NEW - Notification system implemented. Flytrex will send email notification to all users subscribed to a specific mission whenever a new comment is posted to this mission. User is automatically subscribed to their own missions, plus, when posting a reply in a mission.
  • New email notification setting added to Account settings. Use to enable/disable email notifications when new comments are posted to your missions and missions you're subscribed to. Email notifications are enabled by default.
  • Problem with avatar images showing partially cut in some cases now fixed.
  • 4 new dealers added to Dealers page.


  • NEW - Flytrex Challenges introduced.
  • Two first challenges introduced: Speed and Distance. Both are ongoing challenges.


  • Fixed bug when trying to save new aircraft not working in certain conditions. Should work properly at all times now.
  • Optimized flight path calculation some more to better handle situations when number of satellites is relatively low.


  • Optimized mission export to CSV. Fixed bug with data exported using different unit system than listed, plus added new distance value showing the distance from home location at every stage of the flight.
  • Added new option to add/edit mission video to missions that were already published.
  • Fixed problem with dynamic mission loading in Profile view when scrolling down and new missions were not loading after the first 10. Now all existing missions will continue to load in Profile view, similar to the way loading works in the Explore view.
  • Fixed problem when using Imperial unit system and scrolling down through missions past the first 10 missions, all following missions loaded dynamically would use Metric units, regardless to the user's settings. Now correct unit system according to user's configuration will be used with all missions.


  • NEW - Mission videos. Optionally upload videos with missions you publish. Mission videos are embedded with your mission pages and within the Profile and Explore tabs. Making it super easy to create awesome looking mission pages that share your experience with friends and other fellow pilots.
  • New option to include mission video link is now available in the Upload Mission page. Supporting missions from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Optimized static mission maps dimensions, position and zoom level on both Profile and Explore views.


  • Mission date calculation optimized.
  • Mission data processing optimized - fixed two rare situations causing inaccuracy with mission speed calculation resulting in much faster speed than reality.
  • Fixed issue with Diver badge algorithm.


  • Globe view updated with new Flytrex stats, providing the very first analytics about multirotors activity around the world.


  • Mission graph now uses separate yAxis for the different chart curves: Temperature, Flight Speed and Altitude. Providing much better visual display of all three elements in a single graph (using a single yAxis for all 3 charts made the chart data nearly un-usable in some cases that the scale was completely different between the three chart values).
  • Fixed Globe view floating popup continue showing and preventing other float panels from showing when moving when moving between all flight markers on the Globe map in some cases.
  • Globe display now centers automatically according to user's location.
  • Created two separate support sections for Flytrex Site and Flytrex Core. Reorganized FAQ content between two sections and added new FAQ content.
  • Optimized badge percentage stats calculation.
  • Mission title is now also displayed in the mission view, at the top of the comments section.
  • New Flytrex Site Development Log page added. Making it easier for users to follow all development changes made to the Flytrex site.
  • Fixed problem with mission recorded date showing 2 days off. This fix will only apply for newly uploaded missions.