Flytrex Sky FAQ

1. Can I fly Flytrex Sky with a standard remote control and receiver?

Yes. By default, the Flytrex Sky utilize its one-of-a-kind 3G based control using a mobile device (Android or iOS). In addition, the Sky supports all standard remote control systems such as Futaba, Multiplex, Spectrum etc.

The Sky is powered by an open source APM:Copter flight controller which allows the user to install any receiver/transmitter system as with any other multirotor.

After installing a receiver/transmitter system the Sky offers a unique dual-control mode that allows switching control between range-free 3G control (via mobile) and receiver/transmitter system (for close-range flying). Switching control-mode is done via the mobile app. If you plan on adding a receiver/transmitter to your Sky we recommend ordering a phone/tablet holder for easy access and use of your mobile while flying.

2. What types of LiPo batteries are supported by the Flytrex Sky?

Flytrex Sky comes equipped with a 4S Lithium Polymer (LiPo) 4200mAh battery, but supports all types of S3 and S4 LiPo batteries. In addition, as part of the modular design, you can further customize Flytrex Sky by adding a second battery. The dual battery mode will enable you to fly further and take your Flytrex Sky on longer missions. We recommend using a 4S LiPo for delivery missions.

3. Can I customize my Flytrex Sky?

Yes. Flytrex Sky comes ready-to-fly (RTF). However, the main platform is modular and enables you to add components and modify your Sky to your own unique piloting style and taste. The modular frame also enables you to upgrade specific components without replacing the whole aircraft such as motors, FPV, GoPro and more.

4. Are my flights automatically logged onto my Flytrex account?

Yes. Flytrex Sky is seamlessly integrated into the Flytrex web-based platform. This ensures that all flights are automatically uploaded to your private profile using the latest Flytrex Live technology. Being part of the web-based Flytrex platform opens up optional gaming features: compete with other pilots world-wide, track personal records and earn badges for your piloting achievements. These can be easily disabled by defaulting your flights as private, depending on your personal preference.

5. What is the flight range of the Flytrex Sky?

The flight range of the Sky is limited only by the battery power and mobile reception. Since the Sky uses a 3G based communication system, there is no actual distance limit to how far it can be controlled nor is it limited in urban places. As long as there’s cellular coverage and enough battery power, you can fly the Sky. Please review local regulations before flying long distance missions and always fly responsibly.

6. How can I recover from a crash?

Flytrex Sky is the first multirotor that comes with a powerful 3G tracker built-in. The Sky's built-in tracker maintains a live telemetry connection from the moment you take off and until landing that safely stores your flight data at any given time. In the event of a crash you can use the Flytrex powerful Last Seen tool that will help you locate and recover your Sky and any additional equipment, regardless to how far you were flying.

The Flytrex Last Seen tool is accessible via our web-site or mobile apps and gives you information of the exact location where your multirotor was last seen, when was the last successful data transmission received from it, a Google map displays where it is currently located and more. Using this information you can easily find and rescue your multirotor.

7. How can I deliver items using the Sky?

Flytrex Sky is the world's first consumer drone that enables delivery of small items between two people. To start delivering items using Flytrex Sky download the Flytrex Messenger app available for Android and iOS. Launch the Messenger app and follow the steps on the app to start your first delivery. Delivering items using the Messenger app is straightforward and can be completed in a few single clicks. Upon delivery arrival the receiving party gains control over the drone and can fine-tune its flight during landing.

The Sky frame includes 8 hooks, 4 at each side of the frame, and comes together with 2 packs of special bands that can be used to mount a verity of different items for delivery. Flytrex Sky is designed to carry small and lightweight parcels. We recommend experimenting with different items at first and encourage checking your local regulations before starting your first delivery.

8. How is the Flytrex Sky operated?

The default control of the Flytrex Sky is done using the mobile app available for android and iOS devices. Using the app, you can easily control your Sky even if you have little or no experience piloting consumer drones. The Sky can take off and land autonomously and can be instructed to return home and land at a click of a button. Flytrex Sky can be controlled using two different apps, each designed for a different task. You can read more and download the Flytrex Sky apps here.

Experience pilots and drone enthusiasts can also install a third-party receiver/transmitter on the Sky and control it in dual-mode, switching between the remote controller and the app over 3G to your convenience.

9. Is the Sky water/weather proof?

No, the Sky is not resistant to water or rain. If you fly in the rain, you risk damage to some of the components. We also do not recommend flying in winds above 20 km/h.

10. I don’t know how to fly a drone, is it simple?

The Sky’s control app interface makes flying it as easy as pointing to the place on the map where you would like your Sky to go to. Pilots with no experience can fly the Sky easily. The Sky can take off and land autonomously and can be instructed to return home and land at a click of a button. The Sky offers a great platform to beginner to grow with easy-to-use piloting experience and expandable options as you get more experienced and looking to enhance your piloting experience.

11. How much can it carry? How far can it take something?

As with any aircraft, the weight of the payload will determine the range the Sky will be able to carry it. Our recommendation would be to not carry more than (max weight) with it, as the battery consumption will be inefficient. In example, if you wanted to deliver a package to a friend who lives 2 miles from your house, the maximum weight of your package should be (max weight for 2 mile delivery).

12. Can I connect my GoPro?

Yes. The Sky comes GoPro ready. The Sky’s modular design allows the user to add any type of camera and gimbal within the weight limitations.

13. Can I fly with FPV (First Person View) equipment?

Yes. If you want to fly your Sky in FPV, then you are required to add an external remote controller. After that, you are free to fly your Sky in FPV just as you would any other custom multirotor. For a guide on how to install a remote controller on the Flytrex Sky please click here.

14. Can I swap the battery?

Yes. The battery on the Sky is easily detachable, which allows you to fly continuously just by changing one battery with the other.

15. Does the Flytrex Sky have collision avoidance features?

The Sky does not have built in collision avoidance. We advise to always fly safely in open areas where there is no danger of collision, while keeping your aircraft above the height of nearby trees, structures and other obstacles.

16. What do I get when I order the Sky?

The Sky itself will require no assembly apart from attaching the propellers, as it comes in a ready-to-fly form. You will receive a Flytrex Sky, complete with the latest Flytrex Live device, a 4S LiPo 4200 mAh battery, charger and payload loops.

17. Where can I get replacement part for the Sky?

The basic parts for the Sky (such as frame, motors, propellers, flight controller, etc.) are standard issue, replacements can be easily found through the internet or in your local hobby shop as well as in our online shop. This means that you do not need to spend loads on one-of-a-kind replacement parts, and that you can switch parts between different Skys and even different multirotors.

18. How do I set up my Flytrex Sky?

  • Charge the LiPo battery (LiPo batteries are best stored and shipped half-charged).
  • Connect the propellers.
  • Insert a 3G SIM card. You can find more details about supported SIM cards here.
  • Download and install the Flytrex Pilot app.
  • Register your Sky to your Flytrex profile.
  • You are ready to fly!

19. How do I know how much flight time/battery power I have left?

On the control app in your phone/tablet, you will receive a constant feedback of your battery level, as well as distance from the pilot and an indication on how many GPS satellite signals are received at any given moment.

20. What happens if I suddenly lose reception and I don’t know where my Sky is?

If for any reason, you lose contact or reception, your Flytrex Sky will return to the takeoff point and land safely.

21. What happens if the Sky runs out of power whilst in midair?

When the Sky‘s power starts to run out, you will receive a warning indicating the low battery levels. If the battery reaches critical level (about 10%), the Sky will initiate an automated landing procedure in its current location. What happens if the Sky runs out of power whilst in midair?

22. What is the Sky’s flight time?

The Sky can stay in the air for 32 minutes using a 7000mAh 3S battery.

23. Do I need a SIM Card? What type?

The Sky uses 3G GSM data micro-SIM for its control and live telemetry stream. You can order such micro-SIM from most local mobile carriers. When ordering, make sure the SIM card is designed for use with GSM network.

The Sky uses advanced data compression algorithms that keeps data consumption to a minimum, so data costs remains very low even for those who fly daily. For example, flying 20 hours should consume 80 MB of data.

Click here for more details about data usage and supported carriers.

24. Is it dangerous? Can I cut my hand?

Yes! As any multirotor aircraft, the Sky can injure if used incorrectly or un-responsibly. While the propellers are spinning, keep hands away, as they have the potential to cut and wound.

25. Can I share my flights with others?

For each mission you upload you can set its privacy level: Public or Private. Public missions are shared across the Flytrex site and are visible to all other pilots and site visitors.

Your friends can follow you on the Flytrex website and receive instant notifications every time you’re in the air.

Setting a mission as private will keep it that way. Private missions are only visible to you, on your personal Profile tab. Private missions are not shown in any of the public views, the Explore and Globe views, nor is it listed in any of the badge statistics in the Badges view.